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Everyone has a story to tell! What's Yours?
Everyone has a story to tell! What's Yours? Trending Diary connects you with great ideas, storytelling, experiences and people to give a deeper understanding of the world around you.
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From a bookworm, here's some book recommendations. I've mentioned the quotes that I live by and bookmarks that I personally loved from each book.

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Putting my learnings out there to help you learn faster the aspects of communications, podcasts and other things.

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I feel lucky and sometimes fangirl over a chit chat with some beautiful personalities.
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What they say about our podcast

As a podcast it has hooked me on. With a diverse selection of guests discussing eclectic topics in a vibrant environment every episode is unmissable.

Bobby Listener

The way she gets excited over the discussions, that too; on her favorite topics makes the podcast more enjoyable for me as a listener.

Muskan Listener

Priya's enthusiasm and exuberance is contagious. She carries the show with such energy and style. Wish her all the goodness in life

Surbhi Listener

I look forward to the small solo episodes which are short and crisp and deal with very interesting issues. Look forward to many many more stories

Anamika Listener

I love listening to the podcasts and gone through many genres. But when it comes to great interviews and storytelling, I love trending diary

Shreya Listener

Each episode comes with great set of values and experience. And monologues are just amazing. Keep creating. Wish you great success

Kunal Listener

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    Your Story Matters

    We believe everyone has a story to share that empower, entertain, provide Information and create impact for good. We all love stories, let’s make your visible to the world. And if you believe that you have an idea, story or concept share. Please fill up the Form below.