What You never knew about Stand Up Comedy?

Over the years, one thing I certainly fell in love with, is the concept of Stand Up Comedy! Where Ideas, Thoughts and rants come to us from all over, but it is through performing on stage and interacting with the audience that the nuggets turn into jokes.

Isn’t it amazing?

A perfect blend of writing and speaking. But most important, master the art of blend a point where it feels funny! For sure STANDUP COMEDY is one of the most appealing art or business ( whatever you say) seems to me.  I remember my childhood days when I like to read comics and my adrenaline kicks in. 

Thought the whole new era has transformed into stand Up comedy!  Though My Curiosity to elaborate this world more, lead to me to have a quick chat with the Manoj Doogra!

Standup comedian, presenter Manoj is well known for his sharp humour and insightful presentation of comedy in India. His new shows go on air on youtube will make you laugh like nothing else. In chat with the comedy king about his show and more.

Q-1 Why are you in the show business of Standup Comedy and How do you get drawn to it?

I guess one of the best things you can do, is to make people laugh. It seems a blessing to me. Indeed, it’s just happened, I had never pre-planned anything as a childhood dream. 

After watching some videos, and aspired with some comedians I get some instinct about stand up comedy and just land into it. I believe comedy is more of a skill than a talent. A skill which works on stage. One can master this with time, hard work. More time on stage, more you can learn! Though stand up comedy is more about the art of delivery. It’s not just what you say it, but how you say it. 

Also, my journey to the comedy started with open mic standup comedy in Delhi. It’s like you can go there and perform, I got the courage for my first performance in October 2015.  So that’ show I started in front of a small audience and gradually start to evolve on bigger platforms. Although a long way to go!

Q-2 What Concept of Comedy you have over the show?

Frankly, I do not follow any particular concept or just stuck to one. I create jokes around the experience that have happened in my past. And I share the incidence, events or stories which I find funny irrespective of the topic. I believe

Tragedy +Timing = Joke. 

Q-3 What is the one thing that people do not know about Standup Comedy?

 I guess many people have the misconception about the hard work we put in. You see us on stage saying some dialogues and make you laugh. But the easier it seems, the more hard work is put in. 

I know, how much trials and errors it takes to create a single joke. Sometimes it even took 5 months to create  5 minutes of clip. So we can get the best response possible.

But it is something I do all by heart and hard work. 

Q-4 How much the show business of stand up comedy affected after pandemic?

I guess pandemic has affected our lives majorly, from our lifestyles to business everything had changed. 

And it’s not just the entertainment business, but this covid -19 has a major impact on every sector across the globe. 

But show must go on, there is a substitute for everything.

Now online shows, virtual events are taking place. You can easily attend the show on zoom calls or have an online ticket. 

However I won’t decline the fact, virtual meets and clubs can’t replace the physical one. There is the presence of much connection, vibe, expression, body language when you are dealing with people in the real world. 

Also, they are an important aspect of Stand Up comedy. 

Q-5 What is the best lesson you had learned from your field or one advice you like to give?

The best lesson I had learned from my journey is to get never afraid of failures. You shouldn’t feel sad if things won’t go with your plan sometimes. 

You have just one life so live to the fullest! And I say it from cricket perspective, you can’t hit the six on every ball. run when you have to run, score four or just walk. Keep doing things that you feel necessary. Every step is not six. Opportunities are on every step. 

Have your own dreams and chase them with full potential. One more thing I will add, do not leave any possibility left- to get your work done. Even if your heart desire to wear a certain gemstone, or any lucky thing you want to keep in. 

Just do it, and do not regret that you haven’t tried any possibility in life. 

Although there is no substitute for hard work. And just do what you love, what you are passionate about, not just because the money you are getting to do it!

Money will eventually fall in place. Because after a certain time you love and passion for your work keeps you alive and help you to reach the fullest potential.

Also you can listen Manoj here.

PS:- I certainly had great fun having a conversation with Manoj, his enthusiasm and love for work is certainly reflected over chat. And more applause for his human nature. Also, I end up having a lot of good lessons from him. Whether it’s about dreaming best and chasing them with full potential. And most important always being authentic and never comparing ourselves to anybody. After all, we all have our journey and roles to play in the world. 

What have you found the best in conversation? Comment Below. Also, I am excited to know your story. 

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