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You Are Six Steps Away From Health And Fitness Goals

                                                          Fat To Fit – An All-Time Mantra

Don’t we all wish so? Aren’t our excuses larger than the few minutes of work out every day? We tend to hide our inactive lifestyle behind the hectic work schedules. And why avoid health and fitness importance in our life? Couches and beds are our best friends they never repel, but our body does. It is the sign that it’s time to get up and start moving.


This Pandemic lockdown has made us more lethargic with laptops on our lap, a bowl of potato chips on the side. It has been just working and binge eating for many. There are no fixed hours of work. No need for long travel hours to work as we work from home. Late nights go into chilling with Netflix or eyes amazed at Amazon Prime Video. The OTT platforms are supporting us completely at leading a more inactive and beanbag lifestyle by adding more Apps and Channels like Sony Liv, Zee5 and even the regional T.V channels have started their own OTT platforms.

It is indeed a digital India in 2020.

Kids are studying online too and like parents, they too are at home binge-watching and binge eating with no friends to play sports within community parks.

No Cycling, no climbing the trees and no running around (thanks to COVID-19). An unhealthy body is a key for the vault to many lifestyle diseases like atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke; obesity and type 2 diabetes. A stressful lifestyle leads to uneasiness and lacks the concentration tending us to take up smoking and alcohol which further aggravate the health issues.

A fit and active lifestyle can help prevent the monstrous lifestyle diseases. These lifestyle diseases not only affect the working adults but also to kids and retired people. Working for long hours on the chair without taking a break is one of the biggest causes of back spasm and curved backbone.

Kids these days are glued to smartphones or television and deter from doing some in-house activities or even out to the balcony, terrace or garden which leads to vitamin D deficiency.

Osteoporosis after 40 starts showing its signs and retired people love to relax which increases the joint pains, muscle weakness and reduction in bone density. “Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity and high cholesterol suffered by millions around the world had played a critical role in driving the more than 1 million deaths caused by COVID-19 to date. Such conditions – driven by unhealthy diets and inadequate levels of exercise”. This study was published by The Lancet medical journal.


We are aware of the health and fitness problems but the solutions: 


1.Maintain a Schedule: 

“Early to rising, early to bed makes us all healthy and wise”. Set your alarm wake up in the morning. Go for a ½ hour mandatory walk and do not forget your mask and a bottle of water. Increase your pace slowly. We cannot run a marathon on the first day. Let your body adjust. Fresh air is good for lung. The walk will loosen up the strained muscles and add more energy to your body and mind. Work out must give you happiness so do what you like; dance, yoga, cycling, kickboxing, and others as long as it keeps your body in motion. 


2.Never skip your breakfast: 

After you finished your dinner at 9:00 PM last night, your body was on a long fasting mode and therefore the nutrients that have been absorbed by your body for normal function while you were at sleep need a proper refill. Start your day with honey and lemon juice in lukewarm water. This will help wash off the toxins. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and lemon fills in the vitamin C requirement. Always have a hearty breakfast to satiate your body and soul


3.Break your meals: 

Instead of indulging into heavy meals, break your large meal into small portions and enjoy it at regular intervals. This helps your body to disintegrate the fats better. Turn your junks into a healthy delight. Make your own pizza, samosa and chaat at home. This will reduce the monosodium and trans-fat in your food. Hasn’t the pandemic awakened the MasterChef within us? Use of light and non-reusable oil make our food delicious, chemical-free and healthy. 


4.Stay hydrated:

 Water is life, therefore, drink lots of water and healthy fluids. The best treat to your Health and Fitness Goals. Avoid carbonated drinks as they lead to bloating. The sugar content increases the insulin level and concentration of fat in the body. Water washes off the toxins and gives you a healthy body and glowing skin. 


5.Enjoy the bite of fruit: 

Whole fruit contains fibre that helps in maintaining a healthy gut and improves our digestion. Fruit juices scrape out the fibres and vitamins. Maintain the right posture: Sit upright, take the whole chair. Try to sit on ergonomically correct chairs and couches to give your back right support. Move more often: 


6.Move every 20 minutes;

 Walk to get your water your bottle or to pick your healthy snack. Seal the minutes for healthier you. It’s time to make a healthy move, maintain an active lifestyle and see your body, mind and soul transforms to what you always wished for. Don’t let this pandemic take a toll on your health. Wear your mask, wash your hands and stay healthy. 

And if you any other tips to maintain Health and Fitness Lifestyle. Comment below!

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Author: Antara Das

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