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How Yoga creates inner Wisdom?

Yoga, meditation, silence are ultimate way to create health, wisdom in your life. The more you mature in practice, the more you will connect to the GOD. It’s not only about the asanas, hard postures but also about the physical Wisdom. There are three Vedic trinities which many individual experiences while doing Yoga. 

Starts from Satta(existence) which is directly connected to God. Another is Chitta (movement) which has some deep connections with soul. The last one is connected to happiness, which is Anand (Happiness). 

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If we will connect to the spiritual level universe is made up of majorly, three elements start with Sattva, Raja, Tama

Sattva is more related to knowledge and purity. A yoga and yogini experience an excellent level of innocence. 

Next is Raja, which is related to action and passion. Knowledge factor alone will not help you to attain your dreams and prosperous life. Being a yoga practitioner one can understand the essence of this. 

Tama (Ignorance and Inertia) Internally, everyone feels a few resistance while being into anything. Many external factors are also responsible for such things. 

Role of Nutrition While Doing Yoga

In Yoga, food is not only about getting good protein or fulfilling the nutrition values. As per the Puranas (Bhagavad and more) There is a special kind of food which should be served like vegetables, cereals, leaves, grain, milk. These type of food is commonly known as Satvik as they provide longevity, intelligence, strength, health, wealth, happiness, positivity. One can rely on Satvik food for the lifetime. 

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Just like Yoga changes the state of mind and body. Similarly, Nutrition and diet play very importantly in one’s life. To develop a higher consciousness in an individual’s mind, one can rely on satvik food. Satvik foods are the most unprocessed, fresh food which should be served with a lot of love. 

One should always focus on work, self-improvement, intellectual, or spiritual pursuits. Satvik food, nutrition values, and love added to the satvik food will help you to inject positive nature, demonstrate generosity, kindness, openness, fairness, success, all kind of guns to individual life. With the addition to that spiritual inclination, faith all add positive values to an individual. 

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One magic that Yoga and the satvik food will increase in you is immense belief. One should always believe in himself to the mighty God and himself. Life is all about the choices with chances. 

Imagine being most creative person in the room

Inner Wisdom not only brings the intellectual level but also enhance creativity. Creativity keeps an essential place in an individual life. It is the creativity of an individual that will guide them for a better experience, change. Empower the life, health, and power in an individual being. The ancient teaching of Yoga not only help to master the art of Yoga but also provide value to the practitioner. Creativity is not some that an individual born with, One can look the creativity from a different perspective. During the pranayamas, one can efficiently work on the intuitions. Entirely concentrating on the Breadth, one would experience some flashbacks which may guide you to the real journey of life. This art will only enhance the creativity not destroy this. It is the spirit of creativity that helps an individual towards to move forward in life.

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Yoga will teach the real art of abundancy. One can feel it entirely only when he or she is into practicing. 

Practice the Breathing Movement

Being a Yoga practitioner, one should be completely aware of the breathing process. One should be mindful of the breathing moment.

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The usefulness of breath is an essential part of Pranayam. The essence of breathing makes an individual utterly aware of himself. According to the ancient text, the word for breath is the same as the word for life. Prana (pronounced as – which gives you a good clue about how vital Yoga thinks breathing is for your well being. That’s why Yoga is considered to be an essential part of life. Hatha Yoga is known as one of the necessary forms of Yoga because this form of Yoga include asana(postures), pranayama, and Meditation. 

Yoga without pranayama is of no essence. One should be true to this. Proper breathing not only improves good health but also make one more aware of consciousness. 

Biologically also Stress shortens your breath and increase the level of anxiety in one. Proper breathing loads the blood with oxygen, so by nourishing the body cells and the health with a most desirable level. If you experience Yoga carefully, then you get to know that breathing is one of the powerful tools which can affect the body and mind. 

Stop Breathing – First learn it the right way

Yogic breathing occurs through the nose during inhalation as well as exhalation. For traditional yogis and yoginis, One should use the nose for breathing rather than the mouth. During inhalation and exhalation, breathing got slows down as this will slows down your breath because you have only two small holes to do so. 

As you breaths with the nasal passage, the air will be filtered, and you will be able to breathe only good air particles. There would be proper air supply in you. Many folks visit through psychological conditions that prevent them from breathing through their noses. Yoga is flexible for sure; one should breathe through the nose. If someone faces difficulty while lying down, one can also try the same with sitting positions. One can easily detect the difference between inhaling through the nose and the mouth as well. One needs to move a lot of air quickly. 

In and out of the lungs. The nasal breathing will also help you in other activities as well, like Swimming.

Easy Way to Create Awareness

When someone becomes aware of the breathing moments, it experiences. They get attended to the four significant aspects of breathing like

  • Inhalation
  • Holding after Inhalation(Inhalation)
  • Exhalation
  • Holding after Exhalation(Exhalation)
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Most people are either shallow chest breathers or shallow belly breathers. The beneficial part of the Yogic breathing is it accompanies both the chest up as well as the abdomen up. 

Let’s us in the comment selection below how Yoga have create impact in your life. So people get inspire from your story. Comment below-

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