Women Supporting women

Women Supporting Women are best child of God.

Have you ever wondered how GOD selects his special kids, I know it’s hard to imagine God categorizing their kids as favorites and non-favorites one. But it’s all about the choices we make as a child. I wondered, some times, and if it comes to ladies I think Women Supporting Women are special child of GOD.

I love this new world trend of Women Supporting women. And 2020 trending challenge which is more about women empowerment is even amazing. If you wonder, I am talking the recent #black&white #women supporting women challenge on the internet, you missed something hard.

Women Supporting Women are best child of God.

From Politicians to celebrities, actors to all the beautiful women arround the globe been sharing monochrome pictures of themselves on #womensupportingwomen or #challengeaccepted or on #womenempowerment.

 Long story short the challenge is to post a black-and-white photo of yourself, and then ‘challenge’ other women who you want to uplift.

Though I don’t know whether this challenges change society, but it certainly embeds a great sense of positivity in people. 

Thought some Turkish women initiated this. Who has another story behind this?

Especially ladies, this was fun and valuable too. I don’t know how many of you are feminist, anti-feminist, or a superwoman in their world.

But one thing I can predict, women supporting women are a special child of God. They deserve a special place on earth. They are successful, ps super successful. 

Time has immensely changed whether you are a house lady or some highly ambitious women. 

Having a soft heart and pure soul is always going to be in your favor.

The competition has changed into a Collaboration.

I don’t like the word competition. I mean, why are you compete with someone else when you have something unique to offer this world, which no one can do. 

I remember during my childhood, while reading some glamorous magazines where actresses, public figures try to degrade each other, or may it was just a media scam. 

Though this scene doesn’t exist anymore or probably it’s out of my sight. No one likes Cat’s fight. I better prefer lioness friendship. What’s say!

Women Collaboratiom

Create for value, collaborate to connect! 

Be relies not on Rivals.

Whenever I see some of the sheroes achieving something great, one thing I found familiar, they have always been in #womensupportingwomen. 

There is something powerful in the idea of lean on women.

One thing I always analyzed in successful people, who are the women behind you. And surprisingly, they all have their answer ready. 

grow together

Undoubtedly women are the creators of the world. Though not declining the men’s value. But you can’t deny the fact. 

Even every new soul creation is in mother’s womb!

When a woman supports another woman, they both benefit, get something to learn. And when women celebrate one another’s accomplishments, we’re all lifted.

I remember one video clip of crowing moment of miss world, where south Africa won. But Miss Nigeria’s reaction was even more celebrating than the moment. The excitement can be seen in the picture. That moment was beautiful. And worth learning from.

Cheers to Miss Nigeria!

Miss World ,

 Together with women can do more, go further, and change the world, earn better and yes, spread the most powerful message of love and peace. 

From Ordinary Women to Legends

Still, if you doubt that why, it’s essential to support other women in this modern world, why you should be a catalyst of good. 

Take a pause and watch the most lovable ladies on the planet. From Oprah to Beyonce, Priyanka Chopra to COO of Facebook. They have one thing in common. They all have spark to support other ladies arround them. They literally set fire in the world.
I am on the queue to do .,… Jeez!

Shonda Rhimes was producing the tv by women, for women. The show features all the fantastic female leads and powerful stories

Even legend entrepreneurs like Tony Burch and Sara Blakely have launched their campaign for supporting women financially to mentor them to lead a good business. 

The story doesn’t end here. Even Hollywood beauties are friends together. They support each other and raise voice for their rights. 

Relationships always matter

We often came across this line. Your network is your net worth. But things seem a little different this time. 

I guess your relationships are your net worth. 

Here with a relationship, I don’t mean the usual one, your life partner, your kids, and your parents. Of course, It”s your priority. Even mine too. 

But beyond that, you feel to get some more space where you can feel how it looks like to be just yourself, where you can be most vulnerable and even with the most strength. 

Girls have your own squad, have a community, though it’s not the only way for success. But yes, you feel good with all like-minded people around you. Even I am have a very few friends. But I love them, value them learn from them like any other relationship in my life 

Even I am trying to put more my self in environments that allow me to meet with peers. Learn from each other and share experiences that can be a game-changer.  I wish I got some more.

More is always good naa!

And chances are, if you make meaningful connections, they are ones that will last a lifetime.

Though I won’t miss the opportunity to build one with you. Yes, you! 

So if you have any story that you would like to share, feel; free to comment. I would personally be an empathic ear, or you deserve space in my blog. 

 I am moving on! 

Why should boys have all the fun?

I just love this line. I don’t like the idea when only boys go to business, play risky games. 

Or after hitting the goal, just go for a party. 

 I won’t do anything well so that I can celebrate. One of the best things I observed in social media and even my personal life. Women who have a strong back of women, who have their squad. Impact more, create value more, party more, and have fun more.  


So remember next time whenever you will help women, and try to rise and shine by bringing good to other life too. 

God will add one new party in your life. 

 Though I am waiting for a lot. Jeez! 

 Stories that make  you alive 

  1. A girl born in a low-income family of Mississippi has a great vision to teach the best life lesson to the world and include millions of people throughout the journey. And lady throughout is Media Mogul, who doesn’t know her. Oprah y, ou deserve too many salutes.
  1. After receiving a $5,000 inheritance from her great-grandmother, Nancy Lublin teamed up with three nuns and founded Dress for Success in the basement of a Manhattan church. The organization not only provides women with professional attire, but bt is also a network of support and development tools to help break the cycle of poverty and empower women to achieve economic independence.

From the beginning, until now, the affiliates have spread to more than 150 cities in 30 countries.

 Combined, they have helped over one million women on the road to becoming self-sufficient.

That’s amazing, impactful. 

Though there are n no.of stories which candle you feel like these real-life empowerment stories are far better than any fairy tale which your grandmother told you. 

I mean, you don’t need a king to be Queen!

Let’s take a pledge you are going to support another woman and even men if in need. Ans

Learn to give, and you are going to receive a lot. That’s what I have learned from my grandmother. 

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