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Why Women from Diverse Culture Run Business faster than ever

I belong to a country where women are the form of the goddess. But sometimes it all seemed theoretical and sometimes not. I have always grown up seeing my father working, earn bread for the family. And mom into the house taking care of all of us. Although not of less value.Though after stepping out of my time in different places and city, I realized things are a little different. Specially when came across with women from diverse culture.

Irrespective of gender, women are nailing it even in business. Women from diverse cultures, diverse cities are reaching on the top. Though I am not trying t be a feminist. But yes a little soft corner for all ladies and moms, who are hitting dollars. 

Rocking Women from multiple backgrounds. 

Even in such a crucial time of many people have become a victim of unemployment. Women are leading the business. And here the data shows it. 

Over the past year, time has quite changed for the woman. Ladies come up with thousands of businesses each day. That now represents 42% of nearly 13 million businesses overall, which employ 9.4 million workers and generate revenue of $1.9 trillion (US). And while these female founders come from diverse backgrounds, women of color make up the biggest portion of them.

Women of color account for 89% (1,625) of the new businesses opened every day over the past year

Even studies show a large percentage of women all around the world are into a side hustle. Whether it’s for they’re living a dream life or creating a bog brand. 

But they all share a desire, a will, and immense love for their business. 

Best Advice from Women in Business. 

I am a great girl fan of Oprah Winfrey and admire her not only for the success but also for her philosophy, her values. And teaching people more to be themselves. Though if you are lady enhancing your business and keeps the dream of a big empire.  Here you with some beast advice from the top women in business all around the globe, women from diverse culture.

  1. Once a learner always a learner

No matter, if you are 20, 40, or 60. Learning knows no bound. You always have to keep the spirit of a student who wants to be better each day and learn from others. This gives your life a new experience, joy, and excitement. 

From -Indra Nooyi (CEO-Pepsico)
  1. If you love it, then do it

If you live your work. Nothing goes vain you. You will always able to make it to the top. Businesswomen or even If you are in a job, you first have to find your passion. Something you want to keep doing all your life. This drive for your work will lead you the greater heights. 

Marry Barra – (CEO -General Motors)
  1. Take Risks and Show Gratitude

You might have encountered the risk line in Business hundred of times which is quite true. Big risks bring big rewards. Kudos! Gratitude is part of the business too, Just surround yourself with smart people who push you towards success and bring the good in you. Kay herself has to lead a multi-million dollar business and a Fortune 500 company. 

             The Katharine Graham (First female fortune -500 companies)

Remember you are special!

Though sometimes I also wonder what are some common qualities which make woman better at work and business despite all the challenges women from diverse culture faces. 

Empathy – Ability to Connect

Many people are able to communicate well, which is important for good business. But only a few are able to connect which leads to a great business. 

Amy is a blessing or inbuild in ladies’ character, but it’s somewhat true women are good at listening to others. I can feel it. Even researches at Forbes suggested that women are amazing at reading others’ faces. Making other comfortable when it comes to open discussion. Your emotional intelligence does matter when it’s about trust and creating transparency among your peers. 


A trick that I want to master for years. Probably all the ladies in big business have mastered it.

Persuasion doesn’t come from the fact of always speaking to other or putting your thoughts on them. After all, it’s all about understanding them and then ask them for the right. And also influence them with your thoughts which is good. 

To a woman, good listening skills include making eye contact and reacting visually to the speaker. To a man, listening can take place with a minimum of eye contact and almost no nonverbal feedback. 

Quality slike self-awareness, managing emotions, empathy, and social skills are embedded in women. A woman’s capacity to tap into this potential can help us navigate complex situations and manage the behaviors and expectations of our other.  Especially in a business where you have to manage everyone from your clients to employes. It also helps us identify and connect with others from a place of empathy and understanding. 

Myths Vs Reality

Though sometimes I  also encountered with crazy ideas about women and power are tainted with outdated myths about how ruthless, calculating, and cold a woman has to be in order to make it to the top. Remember Meryl Streep’s turn in “The Devil Wears Prada?” Or Sigourney Weaver’s backstabbing boss in “Working Girl?” These one-dimensional Hollywood portraits can be fun, but they’re mostly fantasy. Here’s how some of Forbes’ 100 most powerful women in the world are disproving the myths about successful females


Ice queen

Oprah Winfrey – The media mogul, the inspiration and philanthropists are living proof that warmth and charisma go hand in hand with success. And no one can teach you the importance of empathy and spirituality in an individual’s life.

Single and lonely

Confidence is attractive and sexy. The majority of women on the Forbes list are married moms, and they often cite a supportive partner as essential to their success.


Mary Barra—The first woman ever to lead a Big 8 automaker, Barra braved a 30-million car recall in her first year on the job. Statistically, women are more likely to be called to lead when a company is floundering.


Indra Nooyi – By giving a board seat to an unhappy investor, the PepsiCo CEO turned a potential enemy into a close advisor.  Her story is a journey from ground to sky. 

Everyone has a story to tell and I am sure you also own one. If you are a women from diverse culture. Especially if you are someone who leads a business. Small-medium – Big, or even a woman contributing to this world (in any craftsmanship). You are invited to submit your story at diarytrending@gmail.com

Let’s be a catalyst of Good. 

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