Why Sustainable Fashion Brands becomes a need?

After the covid-19 pandemic, people would be more conscious of their purchasing choice globally. Especially when it comes to Sustainable Fashion Brand. Undoubtedly fashion is not just a luxury but a need and an important choice in today’s era. Though everyone has their own dilemma of choice in terms of their look. But these days shoppers have come cross with sustainable fashion and find it quite appealing. However, it’s important to recognize sustainable well. Let’s discover a few things which can help you to choose the correct sustainable fashion Brand for you. 

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Sustainable Effect on the world. 

Sustainable is a conscious choice that doesn’t have a bad effect on the environment around us while producing the garment. Brands that are indulged in sustainable production tend to use more natural and recycled fibers in their creation. For example, Cristy Dawk reuses the dead stock and surplus items which maximize the lifecycle of existing stock. And also very less harm the planet. Also, many brands minimize the use of water to a large extent. 

sustainable effect on world

From Fast Fashion to Slow Fashion

Here slow fashion doesn’t literally mean slow. After all, it’s a high quality of garments that are luxurious. Slow fashion purpose is to create garments with long term use. When we talk about an ideal fashion world, it’s important the Sustainable fashion would lead the market rather than fast fashion, ethical fashion. You might get a classic piece of designs, clothes to the small brands that are solely into sustainable fashion. So research first and then buy. 

fast fashion to slow fashion


Greenwashing occurs when a brand claims to be sustainable but on inspection, it turns out to be false. 

Mast fast fashion brands claim they are using eco-friendly stuff while producing garments. But it’s a half-truth. Adding a small percentage(2-5) doesn’t make you a sustainable brand. Largely advertising and good marketing tricks can make you a loud business but not a trustworthy business. 


Though the conversation about sustainable fashion is growing bigger after Covid 19 badly hit the market. It’s the time when brands are supposed to be more cause-driven rather than profit-driven. It seems to bless that according to the Forbes data of 2016-2019 the demand for Sustainable fashion Brands. 

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