why sex is important

Why sex is Important?

From love to intimacy attraction to touch, sexual behavior takes many forms. At least for humans, sex is one of the most important activities in their life. 

The human desire for sex is not just a matter of chance but more a built-in imperative. Though sexual desire may wax and wane over the life cycle, depending on life demands and relationship satisfaction.

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People normally engage in sexual activity for different needs. Someone wants to feel alive, some feel desirable and attractive, to achieve closeness, to please a partner they love, even some finds it a very sacred and activity. 

The moral and political implications of sex vary greatly from individuals, from culture to culture, and even within cultures and over time. That’s why we’re alive today and what future generations depend on.

Positive Benefits of Sex

Though a positive sex life can create magic in your health and life. And it’s important to find what a healthy sexlife looks like. For you it all about understanding what brings you ultimate content and pleasure. 

Most of what we focus on is that sexual health and intimacy are based on feelings, consent, honesty, love, and mutual pleasure. If both the partners are feeling respected and fulfilled it’s going to be healthy.


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So, here are the main health benefits: 

Have a better Immune system

You might be surprised but having good sex leads to a good immune system. Indeed! In 2018, a Journal of Sex Research found an amazing connection between sex with a partner and improved immune function. 

Researchers compared sexually abstinent women with those who are into sexual activity had increased levels of immunoglobin A in their saliva. This antibody plays an important role in increasing immunity and fighting sickness such as respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

So, ladies, you are all strong with good partner.

Reduce weight, stress, anxiety with no cardio

Hey, gym freaks, here is one trick you can control your weight with.  Sex helps to lose 3 to 4 calories per minute. One study even concludes that during the average intimacy session, men burn about 101 calories, and women burn 69.1 calories. Also, Cortisol levels decrease after it. This is the hormone that is responsible for the body’s stress response, and with less of it present, you’ll feel more relaxed.

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Endorphins are hormones released during sex. They can produce immense feeling of pleasure, motivation, and energy. This means sex, like exercise, may be able to boost your mood if you’re feeling down. 

So, better have sex with a love partner than choosing depression. 

Lower Risk of Heart Failure 

Having sex at good interval of time may reduce your risk of heart disease and is even also good for longer life spam. Hey, if you’re orgasming regularly. 

Don’t you think the benefits seem even better than burning calories? SEX has a large impact on lower blood pressure, because of both the physical and mental health benefits of sex. Lessens the levels of stress and anxiety, lessen the lower blood pressure, and thus, a  reduced risk of heart disease

Good Intimacy and Empathetic level

Love! Love ! Oxytocin, known as the love hormone releases during the process. It can raise higher feelings of trust and empathy. A key to a healthy relationship. 

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If you are close to your partner emotionally,  your desire to have it known as libido can increase. 

Bonus-  Though many studies predict that sex is also good for spiritual well being!

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