What Society Told You Wrong About Courage

Some say you’re either born with it or you’re not. Guru’s like to speak of courage like it’s a thing they can teach you or give you. Courage is not a device or magical power implanted in lucky individuals at birth. It’s nothing more than an invented word we use to describe when someone acts in spite of fear In this episode our host is in conversation with Julian Pistone, speaker on Innovation and Courage at TEDx and LEAP22, the largest tech event in history.

People might have told having courage means overcoming extraordinary challenges, like climbing Mount Everest or running with the bulls. It never dawned on us that we demonstrate bravery every day, yes we all do. In fact, even though we aren’t necessarily facing tough physical challenges like climbing a mountain, we deal with a variety of obstacles and a multitude of fears as a part of our daily lives. And for the most part, we dismiss our ability to overcome these as not worthy of acknowledgement. Let’s redifine what courage really looks like!

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