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What is More Important – Education or Child Mental Health

On one side world is suffering from the pandemic. And on the other economy and education have become a major concern for everyone around. Though many parents and educators are debating whether it’s good to reopen the school and universities. But what about child mental health?

The decision on when to re-start the universities and schools has become one of the most hotly contested issues around easing the coronavirus lockdown.

Whether it’s Donald Trump from the USA or Mr. Modi from India, all are quite concerned with the same. 

But while the debate has largely focused on the loss to children’s education while schools have been shut. Only a  few are concerned about the effect on child mental health.

Which is far more important than giving your paper tests. Lockdown, Isolation has come up with major losses. And also put many people Comfortable and uncomfortable zone at the same time.

But while the debate around what’s best for children revolves around closing the gaps in their education, this misses the major impact of the lockdown. 

Focus on Values

You have to understand that as important as children’s formal education is important for children. Perhaps, even more, an important aspect of being at school is the social lessons that children learn at school.

They do not learn to play with other children and cram some lessons in physics or English. But also form and maintain relationships, as well as a host of skills including co-operating, negotiating, and the art of being flexible.

Through relationships with the teachers, students, management, they also learn how to regulate their emotions and develop social skills. That will be at least as important for their future lives more than anything subjective matter.

Don’t you think so, these things are missing now. It’s not just that your kids are missing the opportunity to play and interact with other humans in person. 

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But also this future young generation risks losing those skills. And instead of developing confidence and self-assurance are instead in danger of feeling isolated and insecure.

Protect from Mental Illness

On top of this, many of them are likely to have feelings of despair, fear, and helplessness as the virus disrupts their lives.

I have felt so… In my friends, they are not kids. But still, they felt such a sense of insecurity, fear, and solitary. 

It might not be their mistake but it’s just the universe is challenging us to be sane. And once you learn to survive in this situation nothing can stop you for a brighter future. 

In between the tragedy of the lives lost to Covid-19 and also the negative impact on the economy. One thing we all are in danger of underplaying how traumatic this whole experience is and will be for everyone. Especially for young people whose characters are going to be shaped, personalities are supposed to be enhanced. And especially into their formative years.

Teachers have to empathize with the impact on child mental health which is likely to be significant and long-lasting.

Re-Invent a whole new Environment

So next time, when schools do reopen, the focus should be more on easing children back into the classroom. And encouraging them to open their hearts out and play with their friends.  Rather than just cramming them with as much of the ‘missing’ material as possible. Understand, they are already doing it at home. 

It is why reopening schools but preventing children from playing with each other is both misguided and risks causing further harm.

So, it’s better to pause it for some time. Because next time when they come to school or universities they better found an environment that is more personality, skills, and communication focused. Rather than just sticking with the book whole a day. 

Although you can’t decline the fact that important exams coming up next year will have missed large chunks of the syllabus.

But instead of embarking on a learning frenzy to make sure they fit the exams. Go with whole new point of view so we should tailor the exams to fit the student. We need to recognize that young people have been traumatized and make allowances. And we need to make sure we pay as much attention to their mental health as to their education.

Though being an individual I would also suggest opening the mental health Counseling or mental health therapy at schools. 

This will even help teach, students and even parents to get liberate about child mental health awareness. 

What can be a Possible Solution?

In the new “Abonoraml situation” we have to come up with some creative ideas that would be worth implementing. 

Attempts to shield students from words, ideas, and people that might cause them emotional discomfort are bad for the students. 

They are bad for the workplace, which will be mired in unending litigation if student expectations of safety are carried forward.

When the ideas, values, and speech of an individual are given a non-judgemental mind and calm ear. This can do wonder to good mental health. 

This time schools and universities should do all they can to equip students to thrive in a world full of words and ideas, fun. Which also led to the the execution to the practical world.

Learn from Buddhism

One of the great truths taught by Buddhism (and Stoicism, Hinduism, and many other traditions) is that you can never achieve happiness by making the world conform to your desires. But you can master your desires and habits of thought. 

With this in mind, here are some things that might help reverse the tide of sad and depressing thinking in the mind.

Finally, schools universities should rethink the skills and values they most want to impart to their incoming students. With a little pause to reopen the school. It’s better to brainstorms for the future how can good education and mental health of students go hand in hand? 

At present, many freshman-orientation programs try to raise student sensitivity to a nearly impossible level. Teaching students to avoid giving unintentional offense is a worthy goal. Especially when the students come from many different cultural backgrounds. But students should also be taught how to live in a world full of potential offenses.

 The cost and time commitment could be kept low: a few group training sessions could be supplemented.

 But the outcome could pay dividends in many ways. And nothing is wrong with trying and making experiments with life. Afterall some risks are worth taking. 

I am curious to know your thoughts on the same. Comment below or share your story if related to child mental health –

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