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Trust The Divine: A Short Story

How often do you find yourself in situations where you feel like that particular situation is the worst situation in your life and you have no idea how you will resurface the situation? Quite often we heard such short story or anecdotes, isn’t it?

Even I have been through this!

Though we usually go through such situations in our day to day life now and then.

How do you cope up with such a situation?.. stress yourself, give up on sleep, cry, get angry or any other such reaction.

I think after doing all the possible things, just figured out a way to cope up with such a situation.

You want to know? Okay, let me tell you a short story!

I’ll name it : The Munshi Story

Munshi is basically a Hindi word for accountant!

Once there was an owner- Raj Oberoi, a renowned business tycoon. All he did was monitored the work of his employees.

But one thing that was peculiar about him was that he took everything to his heart!

One major profit and he celebrated it enormously.

Likewise, a single loss will take a toll on his sleep and health.

Every up and down in the business would reflect on his health, his sleep pattern, his mood and his behaviour with his family and friends. It’s like he became a slave to his work.

His family used to dread his company’s loss as that would lead to unnecessary scoldings to them.

He had a munshi as an employee, an accountant working for him – Prateek Bansal

His task was to keep a record of all the profits and losses.

This man used to do his work honestly and was fairly paid for his hardwork inspite of the loss or profit to the company.

Though he worked well, and leave everything on GOD! Also he was least bothered about the gain or loss . All he was concerned was about his work in the company!

He used to earn a fair amount and led a happy life with his family and friends.

No profit or loss affected him anyhow inspite of the fact that it was he who maintained each of such records!

He was neither worried about yesterday’s gain or loss nor did tomorrow’s outcome concern him. It’s just the work he is dedicated to!

He just did his best in the ‘today’!

However, the only thing I want to convey!

Just like in the story we can play any of the roles in our lives; be the owner but slave to results, let each happiness and each sorrow (you can even metaphor this with outer judgments, another point of view) affect us deeply!

Or leave the charge in the hands of the divine.

We just do our part in the present moment and trust that he will treat us the best on the basis of our Karma.

I believe the latter is easy to pursue and will keep us in a healthy state of mind and soul.

Though you can be an owner, a munshi, an artist or whatever you want to be. But do not forget to trust the divine. because there is something beyond us.

Furthermore, all we need to do is trust that there is someone taking care of all our encounters, all our joys and all our sorrows.

We have to surrender ourselves to that divine and do the best we can in this  particular moment without worrying about the past or future!

Try inculcating this in your life and share any short story that you live or found valuable to spread to the world.

Happy living!

Author: Kanishka Garg

MBBS Student(India)

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