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True Character of Yoga in 2021: 2 Easy Ways to Maintaining Fitness

In the modern era, many people confuse the true essence of Yoga. The word Yoga means “Union” or “Integration” , you can also relate it with “discipline.” “Yog” or “Yoga” seek unity at various level. Yoga keeps a perfect balance between emotions and the mind and signifies the spiritual values of India. Yoga includes physical exercise that resembles gymnastics and has been taught with Western gymnastics as well. But the True Character of Yoga is quite different what we think of.

From breathing techniques to the postural exercise, all will help you to stay fit. This will keep each cell of your’s healthy and will nourish your mind in a few ways. 

  1. Yoga continues to gain popularity all over the world as it acts as an essential system of health care. Continuous practice of Yoga will lead you subtle peace and help you to also explore yourself.

2. To stay in touch with inner feelings and balance your emotional life. Though nothing is better than to be a Yoga practitioner. 

3. If it comes to your social and professional life, Yoga will help you to become more empathetic and an excellent communicator as well. Every mind is indebted to the second one. Moral values attached to this is to seek relation at every place and everything. 

Finding the true you

Practicing and Discipling the mind and body through art is traditionally called Yoga. Not only India but many western countries are moving to the mastery of Yoga, mainly because Yoga is a growing movement in the west. From transforming you to fat to fit Yoga also bring eternal beauty in one’s life. You would have to embrace Yoga as a self-transforming spiritual discipline. 

Eight Forms

If you want to explore the Yoga, you have to keep a bird’s eye for this. Consider Yoga as a big villa and have eight rooms. 

Every room has some unique mystery in this. The most popular place (Yoga form ) of the villa is Hatha. Hatha Yoga is the most practiced form of all. Hatha Yoga is much more than yoga practice. This form is really really [popular today. And not only includes physical training but also have certain other benefits like Meditation and some spiritual practice as well. The eight types of Yoga go like this:

  1. Bhakti Yoga (Devotional),
  2.  Hatha Yoga (Yoga of physical devotion), 
  3. Jnana Yoga ( Yoga of  Wisdom ), 
  4. Karma Yoga (Yoga of self-transcending action).
  5.  Mantra Yoga (The Yoga of potent sound), 
  6. Raja Yoga (The Royal Yoga)
  7. Tantra Yoga (Yoga of Continuity)
  8. Guru Yoga (Yoga of dedication)

Rajay Yoga or “Royal Yoga” or “Classical Yoga” is also a classical form of all time and another most practiced yoga form. There are many other liberating forms, as well. Generally, you had come across the word Power Yoga. Power Yoga is a generic term for any style that follows Ashtanga Yoga closely but doesn’t have a set series of the postures. 

Beside practicing all the postures, chanting mantra is also an essential part of the Yoga. 

( speaking ooooommmm with long O sound). 

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