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Certainly, we hall have our desires, dream, purposes and things to accomplish. But one thing, somewhere many of us share one common will, to travel places, travel the world. Or probably to some specific cities we want to land on. 

If you are someone who believes, the more you travel places, the more you want to explore the world. More you want to put the creative to make your dreams happen, let’s read out the article

After searching do a bit I have shorted 30 best countries with their Why? 

What makes these places so special and you should visit them once in a lifetime. 

Each is chosen for its topicality, unique experiences and ‘wow’ factor.

Also Bucket list travel was a trend that popped up in previous years and last long after the conditions get good.

Though most people have an average bucket list of just around 11 places, with the hope of visiting seven of those locations during their lifetime. No matter how many places are, on your bucket list, this writs up about the travel will get you dreaming of places near and far. And probably you will crave more to add much to your list ( like I do lol).

At the beginning of every year, you find yourself saying,  This year, we’ll go there,” you’re not alone: Our travel wish-list is as long as it is diverse, and it just keeps growing. Good enough! 

I know due to avoid many if we are stuck at home and can’t get the leisure to travel much. 

Fair enough, but things won’t be the same as now. The world will be better again! And you can explore the world, have adventures again or probably start it for the first time.

Let the adventure begin-

London, UK

The reason, I had put this one too of the list is biased love for Harry Potter & a dream to visit Warner Bros Studio. 

Also, London is home to the underwater creature at sea life, even you can visit the interactive hub of science & technology.  

London best places to visit

Also do not forget to get click pictures at Big Ben and  Buckingham Palace.  

Though If you have a dream to be a celeb or have some pics with them Madame Tussaud’s will help you to do so,  probably you can add this to your vision board too.  (Xd,  just my fantasies)  


Home to diverse culture, love, massive beauty,  You can travel to a lot of places in India. If you want to get lost in spirituality, set your foot to the Himalayas. enrich with golden mythology of Lord Shiva.  

best travel places in ndia

Want to experience the crafts and artisans creativity? Visit Jaipur, Udaipur, and probably you will experience amazing architecture. Also, Taj Mahal and Delhi are must-visit place,  beautiful monument and city streets are filled with delicious food. 


France never stays far from the loss of dream destination of explorers.  

You can trace the country’s rich history from wine-soaked vineyards of hamburger to fragrant field of lavender in Provence.  

As I am pretty fond to explore native beauty, COSCA is something worth visiting and also you can’t underestimate glitz and glamour of French Riviera 

Ups,  do not forget the beauty of Paris,  the city of love and beauty.  


Again the love for Seville,  Spain becomes eternal after watching Game of thrones.  

The country has great stories, from history and perfectly combined with modern architecture. 

Also, my forever dream to try salsa, and Spanish dance form is something Appealed to me more for Spain. 

Though you can also visit to Barcelona, a bohemian metropolis is one thing included in the list of travellers. 

Barcelona is a place go Artistic expression. 

New Zealand

A land to natural wonders,  from Volcanoes glaciers to national perks a beautiful river. You can experience a lot of natural beauty.  

Lord of rings fans, this country has it all. 

Even if you love to visit water places,  crystal clear waters of Lake Weak on south Island should be in your list.  

newzwaland must travel places

Hurrah!  And wine lovers can explore Sauvignon blanc vineyards. 

Also, you can get a luxurious, yet meditative feel at Aura Ha Wellness Retreat. 

Prague, Czech Republic 

I have heard too much about the city from its beauty,  charm,  decoration and buzz everything seems appealing to me.  

The best part is you can get both solitaries in the morning and party buzz at night with sandpaper music and food.  

Probably that’s why I added to the dream destination.  

Seoul,  South Korea.  

Though,  I never thought to add Korea to the list. 

But Seoul is quite appealing,  The city brings the lights,  entertainment and best food one can imagine ( not like India lol)  

Also, this city had a great history spanning more than 2000 years ago. 

Amsterdam, Netherland.

Probably Venice lovers won’t ask for a why?  

Amsterdam is well known as Venice of the North. The city boasts a no.of canals which give the city a charming and romantic look.  

Colourful homes,  tuning bridges and winding street make the city one of the most beautiful places in Europe. 


Ahaa,  wine lovers got a big smile on the face 

Well,  the city has more to offer.  Well known for its comedy and arts. My reason to add the city in bucket list is because  the no.of festivals they celebrate.  

Also,  Gothic building, castles with modern blend are prior to seeing.  .

Vienna,  Austria

Queens this is the place for you. A city of dreams and royals.  

From opera house to grand architecture museums and vintage carriage ( must to travel). And something you don’t want to miss,  once in a lifetime. 

Tokyo, Japan

Being a science student + art lover.  Japan had always been a place I crave to travel. And Tokyo is a great blend of technology and tradition.  

Colourful sky and awesome -advance technology bind with faith and temples is a good place I want to see.  

And probably will get more inspiration for grit innovation.  

Zurich, Switzerland 

If you are from India,  and ever watched Bollywood movies  DDLJ.  This would be a dream place from childhood 

Though this is not only the reason.  Churches, old boutiques,  immense nature beauties please say old souls like nothing else. E 

Ahaa,  also Switzerland is a powerhouse,  cheery on the cake- contemporary art and great shopping destination make it best.  

So do not forget to add this in your bucket list.  

They are some of the more awesome places on the planet. If I get the chance to visit the place I promise you to update with the live pictures. Till then if you have visited some to beautiful lands or even if you have explored some of the organic, raw places that are pretty unknown to the world. I would love to know about it. Comment below, curious to know your story, your travel places. 

Also stay updated for more travel content!

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