Tips on how to be fit in your 20s

I don’t need to mention why you need to get fit, so better discuss tips on how to be fit.

Probably we all are well aware of the fact that health is an important aspect of our life. And staying fit can change your life in immense no. of ways.  From creating a lasting impression on people to being more productive and creative, from building good habits that last long to having good confident benefits are infinite. 

But still, the choice is yours. 

So whether you want to perform well in your professional life, personal life or even the romance department, you won’t work well of you are not well, xd.

Though this article is especially for people who want to start their journey of fitness, which generally starts from teen and you are in your 20s. The moment you start becoming more conscious of you and your life. 

Also forming good habits in formative years is much easier, so better kick-off at the 20s. 

Although age is just a no. And change should occur always. 

Diet (Healthy Food) is the key

Healthy food is the key to an essential part of being fit. As some wise said, you are what you eat. So eat good and add all the essentials in your diet which will keep your body nourished, energetic and complete. 

Have your proteins

From building your stamina to getting high energy food which will nourish you as a whole is really the key to stay fit in your 20s. 

Having good proteins that increase health endurance. From tofu, beans, cottage cheese, pulses to egg, fish, milk 20s should be enriched with good protein food that feeds the cardiovascular stamina to function smoothly. 

Water is a lifestyle 

drink water

I sometimes wonder that I should get the habit even earlier. Having a good amount of water like having from 3-5 litres/day (as per your body allowed ) works wonder. From making your body function well to having good skin, water is the key ingredient.  Also, you can add detox water in summers. 

Say yes to BREAKFAST AND good fat

 I have seen many people in their 20s, saying no to breakfast. And I still don’t know why, why they do so?/

Start your day with a nutritious meal, so whether it’s about having your favourite omelettes, some fruits, poha, podige, oats. Also, high alkaline food is great for your body. 

Just don’t skip it! 

protein food, healthy food

Also unsaturated fat like Omega 3, Omega 6 found in nuts, almonds, cashew, flax seeds is very good for your brain and body. 

 Because good fat will repair the muscles after a vigorous workout. 

healthy Breakfast

Also befriend your self with some green vegetable, brown rice, walnuts and better maintain distance with junk food. 

Conscious is Crucial

Many times, I had failed at one point that is being conscious with my choices of health, the way of eating food.  But we learn from the failure along the way. 

Though still working on this. Never skip your meal or make your breakfast a lunch deal. I know you are dealing with the crucial age of life where many things seem essential, but believe me, health should be a priority. Also if you do not concentrate while eating, your metabolism rate slows down and your body/ mind won’t get full benefits of eating. 

Also, try to have balanced food, and add a bit variety in your food. Try to have a meal cooked at home rather than just having a quick made from a food store or cafe. 

Maintaining a good quality and right quantity is the key. 

Exercise for a while

Indeed diet is really important, but exercise is as much essential. Not asking for abs, or become a bikini model. But minimal exercise which keeps you healthy prepares for the day is essential. Join a 5 am member club. Xd, you might be wondering if I am one?

 Though I am trying to be, yes even if not in the early morning, I make sure to have a weekly or daily routine of  30 minutes exercise.

However depends on the requirement of your body, how much you want to do. 

Just do it!

Before and After 

Okay, first thing first, never ever jumps on intense exercise, cardio or yoga directly. Stretching is really important, really really important.

A little warmup is good for your body so, your body temperature gradually increases and get adapted to exercise, Also this will save you from the injury or cramps. 

Pre-exercise have some good warmup – skip, stretch, have some run and even post-exercise slowly cool down or have a stretch ritual.


yoga to stay fit

Nothing is better than yoga, at least I feel so. India’s originated yoga is immensely popular throughout the world. If you are someone who loves to have a flexible body like me(Jeez!)  You may start with sun-salutation, followed by different poses(Cobra, tree, camel, handstand)  depends on your body requirement and then end it with some pranayama which is good for your breath. 


If you are someone looking to have good strength, muscles or sexy abs. Run out to the gym or even do some regular cardio or exercise involve squats lunges, planks, jumping jacks, push-ups and likewise.

cardio to stay fit

They will enhance your body strength, shape your body well, help you to lose calories and fat. And also improve digestion, blood circulation and strength. 

Meditation Mantra

For me solely Body  Health is incomplete without having a healthy mind. You can do 10 things for the awesome body but if it’s not paired the good mental health. Not worth it! At least for me. 

So to keep your mind good and soul connected to ultimate power. Meditation is must, get some minutes for your silence. Do it every day. And if you feel like you don’t have time to do it once in a day. Believe me, you need to do it twice. 

I know being in 20s Mediation sounds bit Sufi and high spiritual activity which many of you may not relate to. 

Somewhere I think the similar a while ago, but you get to know the right things at right time. 

Even with practice, I am able to achieve some stability and exploring more. But this is the most miraculous moment of my day. 

So sit back and have some silent moments. 

Also if you have some tips on how to be fit in the 20s, okay even in 30s or 40s and so on….  ( thinking long term lol). Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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