As the COVID-19 crisis has shown, sustainability is an urgent issue. Which closely aligns with questions of justice and equality for women, blacks, indigenous, and people of color, and the environment.

I remember my old conversations with friends about fashion trend, clothes, purchasing new collection. Where we just  discusses  about good styling, colour, designers, brands and budget of the cloth.

But over the years this  conversation had taken a Topsy turvy. Now  the  choice starts  with  a big  question.  Do I really  need  it ? and  if so is  it  a good  investment?  Or just a matter of new fashion trend that comes and go.

What is the brand  value I am buying from or does it really fit into my budget?

Indeed looking good, adorning yourself  with creative threads  is something  you all desire. But we have to see on what cost you are  buying it.  

What is Your Definition

“I understand sustainability as the interrelationship between society, individuals  and business, the economy, and the environment. Issues of justice, fairness, being Concious, equality are key to what sustainability means. So,  whether we’re talking about environmental justice and the fashion industry’s impact on our planet, or workers’ rights and the impact on families’ abilities to support themselves. Things should be sustainable and provide more value than the cost. 

Feminist issue

In recent years I analysed that, sustainability in fashion is a critical issue . Given how the industry can have damaging impacts on the environment, on workers’ rights, and on animal welfare. 

It is also a feminist issue. You might  be surprised with the fact,  but it’s estimated around 80 percent of the world’s garment workers are women aged between 18 and 40

Though businesses play an important role in driving change. So I hope that fashion companies can use their power to help create a  sustainable and equal society for people of all genders. 

After all it’s a matter of work and creatviy you put in.

Companies are in Danger

COVID-19 has  had a huge impact on the demand and consumption for clothing and it concerns me that many companies are not acting responsibly towards factories and workers in these challenging times, with many canceling orders or demanding price reductions for clothes that are already being made. It’s important that companies will honor their commitments more than  ever. 

This is one of the  most  understanding times  for  the  brands,  small  business  and  even include  bigger  business. But this  the real time to show the  creativity and  patience. 

A Voice Against Racism 

Fashionistas even rushed to show their cohesion with the Black lives matter movement, but we need to ensure that this is not rhetoric and that the industry gets its house in order about representation and inclusion.

There are still huge issues with employment discrimination, issues with how black talent is represented in leadership and creative roles. How black people are depicted in marketing materials and the fashion media, and so on. 

Though the  topic become  hotter after the  death  of George Floyd.  But racism  its something that can’t be a part of sustainable society, business.

Be More Conscious

Learning about yourself, who you are, and what you wear enables you to be a smarter buyer. Tailoring, modifying, and being creative with clothes gives them a longer life, more meaning, and personality.

We height came  across  with  million of pictures dresses in glamorous,  vintage,  ethnic kind of dresses.  

But the best-dressed people I know have figured out their formula and know they tend to wear a few favorite things over and over again. Invest in those and don’t buy fashion you’ll throw away. Never buy anything unless you  are going  to  wear it with your  heart.  And you mean it.  

Sustainability is not just a fashion trend but future.

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