The Hangover of Choices

Remember those unpleasant hangovers you may have had a drink too many?

Sometimes, the choices we make can be compared to a hangover. There is a certain ‘high’ in saying no to something and yes to another. Sometimes, our inner voice tells us to do the exact opposite – the signs are there, and yet, we ignore them. We ignore them perhaps because it requires courage to follow through. Or maybe because, we are afraid of taking the associated risks, or because we think those around us may not support us. We tell ourselves, it’s fine, it’s the right thing, and drown our inner voice into the noise of the surroundings. And then one day, that inner voice comes knocking.

Then starts a hangover, a silent throb in the beginning, threatening to turn into acute pain! With no easy cure, the choice that now presents itself is: should we continue to ignore the inner voice or should we finally dare to explore our true identity and drop the many masks we wear? The remedy for this hangover is entirely in our own hands. It’s up to us whether we want to cure it or live with it!

In this episode Host Priya Sachdeva is in conversation with enterpreneur and author Deepa A Agarwal discussing choices which create successful women a remarkable engaging story, which will surely compel you to ask yourseld- “If I was on my deathbed, what would I see?” Tune In !

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