After the shocking suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. Every Indian is talking about nepotism and how it’s is disrespecting the real talent in the  Bollywood Industry. 

In the past few years, the craze of Bollywood Movies and entertainers had raised the global standards. So whether it’s about some serious action drama, romance, the comedy we can feel the Bollywood soul in every  Indian. We love to dance on the loud cheesy songs. This industry has a large influence on the lives of people. Especially the youth.

Indians are also honored worldwide after actors like Priyanka Chopra,  Deepika Padukon, late Irfan Khan has raised the global bars in Hollywood.  

But during the years after the immense success of Bollywood  Industry, one topic which has become a matter of debate. Almost among the whole country is  Nepotism. The controversies of star  Kids on screen.

But the sad part is it’s omnipresent and not limited to the Bollywood Industry.  It’s just shaded that varies in other fields. But the repercussions are the same.

The other major industry Effected by Nepotism is not other than the core part of the Glam Industry- fashion world. 

nepotism in fashion world

Nepotism happens when talents are excluded in favor of all the wrong reasons.  And less deserving are given place because of powers owned by their family and friends. It does not only  Disrespect true craftsmanship but also delivers the wrong message to the people who dreamt of doing something great,  being a legend in their art. 

Fashion World on Nepotism 

How many great models, actors, artists, musicians got this opportunity of being the face cover of  Vogue’s Magazine or walk the fashion weeks in early teens. Maybe the few or some start kids.  

It becomes a topic if the argument, the early may be the effect of their sheer determination, passion, and talent.  But you can’t deny the fact that the star kids won’t be anywhere so early if they were not the part of a privileged family. 

Remember the  Suhana Khan’s  Vogue’s shoot or Alaya’s Furniturewala ramp walk at Lake Fashion Week 2020. 

This has become a topic of Criticism for may models and deserving candidates. I agree that age is just a number, but to be the part of prestigious vogue magazine you either have to be a good model,  actor, or some famous celebrity in your field. 

vogues magazine

Though the little girls didn’t fall into any of the categories.  Except being the  Daddy’s princess.  

Especially in recent years, the craze of turning star kids to ramp shows has increased so much.  And the obsession of the designers’ producers for launching immature star kids grew even bigger.  Though you can’t count all the big names in it. But some do.  

I am not blaming any individual, but this is a chain where when have to take the right decision. Otherwise, this virus of nepotism can kill many other dreams 

Alaya F on fashion week
(Alaya F)

The designers have also signed Ibrahim Ali Khan and Alaya F has also become part of big covers like Hello,  Elle. And this Lead to the debate among the people who didn’t find them deserving. 

Though it might be their luck and most importantly their godfathers who had to drop them directly to the ladder of success.  But remember you can’t reach the greater destination without God’s will and your work. 

Some Honest Confessions

I understand that nepotism has become an obstacle to the rise of new talent. And somewhere it limits the growth and opportunities for a newcomer who lacks networking in the industry.
And if it’s about fashion, recently some fashion designers of India came out social media with their own view on nepotism in the Indian fashion Industry. Though the designers point out that it’s not inside people in the fashion world who are solely responsible for nepotism taking place in the fashion world. But it’s every individual who have support the wrong talent is at fault. 

Even the designers who outsource their clothes just for the sake of mere publicity at the red carpet should be claimed. For designers, these nepo kids are the way better connections, more fame in the Bollywood world. 

And one has to understand the big difference in the fashion we see in the movies, TVs are far different from the commercial world. 

Some Ladies are setting their own legacies

Where on one side nepotism is creating blender in the work? There are some responsible beings who have done much good to the world too like Ranjana Khan, who is the wife of Indian- American fashion designer, Naeem Khan. 

She is talented and leaving her own footsteps in the Indian Fashion Industry with her own Jewelry Label. 

Fashion designer Masaba Gupta, daughter of Neena Gupta. She has transformed the shape of the Indian fashion Industry and even created masks as responsible beings. And announced delivering those masks would be her contribution to the battle against the coronavirus. 

Masaba Gupta with her Mother Neena Gupta
Masaba Gupta with her Mother Neena Gupta

Some are successful because of their talent also. They use the privilege for good. It’s a good time that all the we start changing our point of view and respect the work, talent and give everyone the opportunity to prove themselves. Maybe at least once. 

Beyond Nepotism

I know the world might be unfair to you, your talent. But one thing you should remember to never give up on yourself or on your dreams. So, whether it’s about being the best actor in the country or a famous fashion enthusiast globally. 

It’s you, who owns your success. Others might be good because of the privilege they got but you would be great if you are consistent with your craftsmanship, your art, your talent, with yourself. 

So better focus on your inside and use the true gifts of the God-given to you. You will be happier than ever.

I am eager to know your point of view about nepotism in the fashion world. 

Let us know your views in the comment box below. Your views won’t be wasted. 

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