We are living n the most unpredictable time of history. But the best part is this time is teaching us the art of uncertainty. The decade demands  a whole revolution in a different aspect, 

Let’s talk about Fashion, over the years you might have seen a huge change in the people’s choice of fashion. 

A smart shift from fast fashion to the slow fashion. Though with this article I don’t aim to shift your focus to several benefits of slow fashion or sustainable buying. I have done this in other articles pretty well.

Nowadays the latest trend is not so funky or colorful dress. but it’s more about the value and impact on our environment because of which clothes are made. 

In future, you are going to have more conversation about ethical brands and sustainable brands. 

Though you are aware of the fact that even being a consumer you keep the whole power to make a shift in the fashion industry. 

From time to time we do come across some bitter truth about the fashion and beauty industry. Whether it’s about exploitation, poor choices, or harming the environment. When it comes to fashion, a timeless style combined with extra durability is always in. So, why not choose the clothes that last long, give you a sense of cloth, a sense of pride. 

But good things happen, slow fashion would be “trendy fashion” in upcoming years. So how to choose your clothes from? Here are some best slow fashion brands which will make your difficulty easy next time, you better and show some smart consuming skills.

Alternative Apparel 

Alternative Apparel  “Let the Sunshine In”.Slow fashion is all about the quality and here this brand gets the full score. This brand is making exceptional footprints in the fashion Industry. 

From eco-friendly packaging to recycle as well as organic materials. Everything is good. AND the cherry on the Cake supports humanity too. 

Super Soft Pieces has low-impact dyes and washed with reclaimed water and biodegradable fabric softeners. 

The brand gives you a vintage Vibes. Wich makes it more appealing, at least for me.


At Kotn things are quite transparent about tier ethics. From organic production to supply the brand is well known in the slow fashion industry. 

Best slow Fashion brand

And here comes the USP, Growing cotton slowly and sustainably has positive effects on the environment. As per the resources the quality of the clothing s quite fine. The clothes have good durability and last longer.

More than just luxury, the brand aims to build standard. Though the values support social responsibility, helps to improve local communities needed to produce cotton.

On the ground, the team works directly with farms to develop a world-class level of agriculture and sustainability. 

The story continues. John is also helping more farms to introduce better working practices for the benefit of workers and a healthy environment.


Not Biased, But I simply love the name thought. If you want to learn about involvement and journey, what’s better than thought. The brand shares an immense love for natural and sustainable fabrics. For me comfort is one top priority when it comes to fashion.

There’s still a simplicity in a silhouette that we haven’t lost. It’s what brings an air of timelessness and wearability to thought pieces.

Obviously the list of best slow fashion brands is incomplete without this.

Best slow Fashion brand


Okay, one more shout to the vintage based brand. Like I Like food, but I love Chocolates. Similarly, I like slow fashion, but these are a soft corner for vintage. 

If you are also a vintage enthusiast like me. This brand is perfect to go for you. 

Los Angeles-based brand re-creates vintage denim and also uses the fabric to make stylish jeans in all different cuts and colors.

Best slow Fashion brand

Comfort is the main mantra of the brands and obviously, you can get a large variety of designs to choose from. 

Amour Vert

Simply Classy! “Green Love” that’s what Amour Vert stands for. I guess this is one of they one of the most speaking collection I have found. 

All the sustainable practices address all aspects of different business operations and the full lifecycle of a garment. A full practice of Sustainable from the fibers and production processes used, how workers are treated, how it gets to the consumer, and finally, whether it can be recycled or is forced into landfills.

Best slow Fashion brand

Love the transparency it provides to the user. Also, like to plant the true value of the brand. If you buy one plant tree too. That’s what we called a great network of values. 

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton, silk-free of toxic substances, and eucalyptus trees to create its dreamy pieces.


The world often focuses on purchase less, buy sustainable. 

Cuyana simple motto is less is more, which indirectly promotes smart purchasing. The true definition of Sustainability is incomplete until you know how much you want to buy and why. 

Best slow Fashion brand

If it’s about style clothes are simply classic, simple, and infused with elegance. 

The brand uses only organic materials that break down, have factories near where materials are made. And produce products based on demand to eliminate excess waste

And yes, I really like the brands which don’t empty my pocket. 


Pact – A perfect act. That’s how I see this brand. All of the cotton garments from this brand are certified organic by GOTS. 

Who doesn’t love cotton, so soft, organic, and comfortable?

Best slow Fashion brand

From your lazy Sunday’s to adventure travels. These clothes are practical, comfortable, and easy because life isn’t always so.

Trends may be lost in time but authenticity never said away. That’s what I love about the brand. too much transparency about brand value. That’s why I keep it one of the best slow fashion brands in my list.

The pact is also Fair Trade Certified, which looks at ethical factors like wages and working conditions. There are also pajamas and underwear so you can opt for organic 24/7. This one also makes clothing for the whole family, including men, kids, and babies.

Eileen Fisher

One of the leading fashion brands in the world of sustainability. The full recycle approach is awesome 

There is a great consciousness in everything from the fibers, to the dyes and finishes, to ethics during the production process, to repairs and waste at the end of the cycle. 

Although the garments can get pricey, under the Renew website, the brand buys back and resells its own label’s gently worn clothing so you can get it for a lower price in amazing condition. Wow. Siple and Timeless clothes designed to keep future in Mind.  

This is just so awesome!

And kudos, even if the clothing isn’t good enough to be resold. It will turn the fabric into art using special felting techniques.

I love the fact when people value clothes, as much as they value the people who make them. Probably that’s why I certainly developed such sense of love for SLOW Fashion (sustainable and ethical one)

Let me know what’s your best slow fashion brands in the comment box below. And don’t forget to share your story. 

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