Music Business With Acute Inflections

The Art Of Music And Music Business

How Many of You Love To Listen to music? Maybe Some Joyful, Sassy, Groovy, Relaxing. We all need Music for Different moods. But Do not underestimate the sweat, work, creativity this artist put to create an ultimate piece of music that we love to enjoy. The Art of music seems Appealing, Music Business seems glamorous, although the energy required is limitless.

In the new episode of Trending Diary, Acute InflectionsElasea Douglas (Forer Broadway Singer ) and Sadiki Piere (Bassist) together shared some amazing insights on how they evolve as an artist and what it takes to excel in the world Of Music Business


Some Glance On The Show!

Priya( Host)- What’s Your Why Behind an Artist?

Acute Inflections-  More than a passion it’s the Stories, Values and Emotions that we want to convey through our Art. Consider this a life Calling!

I guess It’s Our Way of Service To give back something To the World.


Q- What Are the important factors in Music Busines?


Acute Inflections- Unlike any Other Business, The Art of Music Business is quite different. Where You not only have t put your soul, emotions and creativity in the Composing and Singing But You also have to Use Your Mind and be Little Clever on The Business side.
Wether You want to Distribute it, promote it or brand it to the world. 

Though one thing as an amateur artist or even a big player in the industry just remembers to OWN IT. 

Take responsibility, you don’t have to master everything, but keep a little understanding of everything so you can understand what others are communicating.


As an Artist Don’t Forget the Leader In You!


Question-  According To You What’s The X Factor That Keeps the great Artist Different? 


Acute Inflections –   It’s Important To Put Yourself In The People’s Shoes, Being Empathetic About Your Creation. and More than anything just be authentic and Consistent with your Art. 

You never know what’s going to be your big hit! So keep Going

Question- What’s The One Trend That You Want To See More Evolving In The New World?

Ahaa! Tune in for the Full Episode Here…





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