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Take a Detour – Reinvent Yourself Today

How Often you feel like to change your circumstances, reinvent yourself and want to make a big/small decision. There might always be the times in your life when you feel stuck and may need to learn how to reinvent yourself.

 This could come when you experience a change in place, such as leaving your job. Or even ending a relationship, moving to career or losing a loved one or anything that matters to you. If you are going through a major shift or some great change in your life. You may have to find a new way of mindset, a soul set, health set or heartset for doing things or risk failing to unlock your full potential. Indeed the trust in yourself and faith in GOD is something is more evolved with. 

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“The Ultimate Roadmap for Reinventing Yourself”


Here’s the truth – there is no cheat sheet to ultimately reinvent yourself and eventually everyone. Even I have fallen down and got up. It has happened several times and in fact, it is during these tough times that we see the purpose in reinventing ourselves to stay relevant in the world today. There are people who knew me back then but have no idea of what I am as a person today and such is life. 

We’ve all faced challenges in our life that made us come to the realisation that we need to pursue a different career. Now whether it is due to a change of interest, an attempt to earn a better salary or simply because you don’t get along with anyone at work.  There is no reason why one should not begin their journey and reinvent themselves, regardless of age. 

In today’s time, there are several ways one can reinvent themselves entirely. And I ask you to take what I say with a pinch of garam masala as this is what really worked for me. There are many of those who write to me and share their experience and struggles along the way. But with these self-reinvention tips, you can be sure to stay always shining.


  1. Explore Your Strengths

One of the most crucial tips you would get in 2020, as this is what will teach you on how to deal with a specific situation. Gaining the knowledge what you are good at will give you the gift of managing your difficulties in a much calmer and efficient manner. I personally asked my friends and colleagues to help me figure this out with feedback that can help me improve.


  1. Stay Hungry for Knowledge

The world is changing by the second nowadays which makes it equally important to constantly be acquiring new skills. This knowledge will not only be beneficial to you professionally but personally as well. By giving you the ability to reinvent your current techniques and methods.


  1. Plan Your Journey Even If Life is Uncertain

Nothing can be achieved without a proper plan in action, not even in Rome in a day! Precisely why one needs to take a moment and evaluate their physical, psychological and financial standing that will be the core foundation of the plan being executed successfully. It’s wonderful to be ambitious but it is even more crucial to have plans that are realistic to our goals and capabilities. Though Life is Full of Chances that are uncertain but take chances to create big choices too!



  1. Risk Taking

At times we are not entirely sure if a plan will work out exactly the way we propose it to be. It happens to the best of us at some point or the other in life which is why we must not hesitate to experiment finding a solution. Whether it works or not can be found out only when we try that approach and in cases of a career change. It is brilliant to realise what we really like.


  1. Plan Your Finances

A change in a career requires money no doubt and at times there are pieces of training or a hard phase that we are dealing with on a personal level. Regardless of what situation we find ourselves in during this time. A talent for saving money and investing in the right place is definitely helpful when reinventing ourselves. Just the same way that if life has a cushion to fall upon. We can feel more sure of ourselves when trying a new path to success. 


  1. Commitment Savvy

Without a doubt, if you stick your goals and commitment all over your house. You are sure to follow them more strictly. Commitment is not everyone’s cup of tea but this way we can be constantly reminded of what we are trying to do in life and adhere to it without getting too casual.


     7.Do Not Be Afraid To Fall 

Whether you accept it or not, there is no success in life without failure. Every time we fail, we learn something new and do our best, even more, the next time. Unfortunately in India or maybe in other countries too! There is a taboo against failing but there is nothing abnormal about it. All that we need to remember is to recognise our mistakes, learn from them and move on towards a better future.


In short, you don’t need me to mentor you if you have read this blog and understand that in life, every chance is an opportunity given to us. Reinventing yourself is not a one day process and it takes time till you see a positive result in your direction. I myself have failed countless times in lives before I got up, dusted myself and moved on. Indeed it was not easy every time but with the right surroundings and the right motivation, you too can reinvent yourself and realise a vision you were probably hesitant to try before. So which direction will you go in now – forward or backward? The ball is in your court!



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