Love Story

Sweetest Love Story I have Ever Heard

Can you tell me the best love story you ever heard?  Maybe I can…

From childhood, I have heard many love stories, have watched some love story movies too.
But I didn’t find anything appealing as the story of a couple I Know. 

1997, October 24, It was a warm night, the boy (tall, dark, and handsome) name James went a few miles away from his home to fix his sister’s marriage. James was full of fun, humor, and share a love for his family and friends. 

 Involved in many rituals suddenly he came across a girl, beautiful and sweet at the party.

The girl name Mary (fair, small, beautiful) was unaware of the fact that she has spread her magic on to a man. 

It was the first time James felt so strong for a girl. He has imagined Mary his soulmate, a love partner who will share his home and kids for a lifetime.

James didn’t get the courage to talk to Mary at the party, but deep inside he wants to hold her hand. 

But the very next day. James went to the girl’s house and ask Mary’s parents for her hand.

Meanwhile, Mary was in college, attending her regular class of the final semester. The girl had some dreams of her own. She wants to get her own space in the society. 

But Destiny played its own game. The moment Mary went to her house and came to know about the feeling. 

Surprise, sad, and happy at the same moment. Happy because she was overwhelmed with the feelings and love of James and sad because she wants to stand in her career. She wants to build the life of her dreams. 

Back then, it was the decade where girls didn’t have many choices to select the partner. 

Though with time things have changed now immensely. 

Twist in the story 

James was curious to know Mary answer. Unaware of the fact, Mary’s parents pressurize her to say Yes. 

Inside the deeper corner, Mary also liked James but her dream and education was also there. With all her intuition Mary said yes. 

James was happy, but the most amazing part was. James can’t want to marry Mary. 

Wedding, Luxury, Bride, Background, Paris, Honeymoon

He was ready with the ring, till the evening they exchange rings and by night they got married. 

Hilarious! ( I wish, just would be there to see James excitement and feel Mary’s state of mixed feelings)

Anyways, it all seems a short love story song or a short love story film to me. 

You might wonder how James’ parents were ready to all this, here comes a twist. James even didn’t tell his parents about his marriage.

As he came to Mary’s town for his sister’s marriage rituals. I know that’s sounds crazy, but that’s the power of love. 

Sometimes you do lose senses. Although when James return to the house the family and friends literally want to kill him for not involving them to marriage. 

But it was the beauty of Mary which calm them down.

Don’t know was it magic of Mary or the power of love. But it was the shortest and sweetest love story I have ever known. 

You might wonder what happens after the marriage. They both some little ups and downs like other couples, but the bond is so strong. That they are blessed with two kids. And yes teaching their kids to do good in their career and then go for Relationship. 

As Mary always missed one part of her life. But anyways, God has good plans for everyone. Let me know your love story or anyone you know who share the sweetest bond you ever known. 

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