Why you need a whole new world of sustainable fashion?

In recent years, the things which I am fond of (Like stories, movies, books, fashion, and even people) have one thing in common they all are driven by Value. When it comes to the fashion world, and my personal choices for fashion. I had realized pretty little things, for example, my increasing love for vintage clothes, trying to absorb more knowledge of sustainable fashion. And most important what’s the value behind the brand. 

Certainly, our mind is developed in such a way, that we look for cheap clothes. But none of you realizes that you are paying a bigger cost in terms of your environment, people who are working on the back end, and your sentiments. 

Imagine if your tee cost less than a cup of coffee, you probably end up buying it even without thining hundreds of times about throwing it away and buy a new one.

Here value plays a significant role, remember the last time when you purchase your vintage bag from the favorite designer. Or Something was gifted by your friend, maybe there is some curious story behind your dress. You have sentiments attached to it. You won’t like to damage it. It’s the investment of your money, time, or emotions. 

Your clothes are not just only a piece of cloth witch you adorn yourself, but it’s your own style, your authentic self, and the value you invest in. 

Slow Fashion in the Fast Pace World. 

You might get shocked, but it’s a bitter truth that more than 10%  of co2 emission is from the textile industry.  And 20% of wasted water pollution if it comes to clothing production. 

The no of consumers is increasing a day by day, the graph of consumers and fashionistas are exponentially increasing. 

Environmental damage is one thing but when it comes to exploiting human rights and value it hurts even more. 

Why Sustainable Fashion

Some fast fashion brands have not been good with human rights.

Low wages to partisan, Child labor, overwork from the workers, not listening to the worker are some miserable things happen behind the scenes. 

Smartness is the new dude! 

The best way to deal with any problem is by thinking smart, act smart. I know it sounds horrible to completely end the fast fashion or restrict yourself from it. But the more practical way of being a sustainable consumer or a sustainable brand is taking little steps which led to the big changes. 

SecondHand Purchanching of Designer clothes or well-conditioned clothes sounds an appealing way to move into a sustainable future.

Vintage Sustainable Clothes
Vintage Fashion


Remember thred Up showing the profitable sale of second-hand clothing. The reason was simple consumers are moving towards more environmentally friendly options. 

Even one Indian Brand Date The Ramp initialize this amazing business plan of outsourcing the clothes on rent of the biggest fashion designers in India. Isn’t it a fab Idea. How many of you love to repeat clothes on a wedding occasion. At least I don’t! It’s also a creative way to promote sustainable fashion.

Even stats show the global second-hand market would be worth more than $50 Billion overcoming the fast fashion industry. 

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Though that does make the second hand purchasing the only goal, We must change the overall perspective of buying the new clothes. Which can include other methods also? Open to your thoughts also. (Comment Below).

Big Collaboration Between Companies and Customers

Sustainable fashion goes hand in hand with both the consumers and companies too. This is the responsibility of both sides. 

Especially brands and companies who are into the fashion business. 

One of the main work that every sustained brand should do is to check the production, distribution and marketing methods. 

Rather than just quantity and thousand of no. of weird designs. Companies should focus on high quality and long last clothes. Disability and design of clothes are important factors to be considered. 

Like H&M can be an inspiration for this because it’s new collection supports the new recycling system. 

Though companies should also look forward to producing clothes with certified textiles. It will promote eleven conscious consumption among customers. 

Include everyone from Deepika Padukon to Will Smith

We live in a society where we are too much influence by what celebrities do, what they wear and what they eat. 

Somehow they lead the fashion and beauty market too much. So, making celebrities aware if sustainable fashion first sounds like a good option. 

Though some actors agree and immensely support the green fashion world (sustainable fashion). You might encounter Emma Watson on the news headlines for n no. of times. 

Virtually all major clothing companies in Sweden today have a work in progress in the area of sustainability, particularly in the production phase, but also increasingly at the user level to encourage increased reuse and recycling.

Kudos to Sweden! 

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

We adorn our self in clothes, for modern era clothes become a general statement if beauty and class. 

Though the power of values should not be demoralized because of this. 

In such case best thing to do is to adapt the values of Green Beauty. 

Fashion  ethical fashion

Green Beauty is a lifestyle and a philosophy that we no longer have to sacrifice our precious health or environment to look and feel beautiful. Using natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging to reduce the impact on our health and on the planet.

Believe me just a little consciousness in you and we can blend the love of fashion, environment and humanity altogether. 

Revolution of Fashion

As consumers are seeking more sustainable items, not only spending on clothes but also watching it as an investing term. 

There is a big revolution in the way we invest in our style, clothes, fashion. 

And even the manufacturing process went into a complete topsy- turvy, probably in the future more than any polluting industry we might be having micro-communities or more sustainable way of making clothes. 

LoopWhole- Not  Everyone Can Afford It

One of the major drawbacks I found in the industry, is the price factor. Ans especially for the people who belong to the low-income category. 

Almost every fashion brand I have notice costs twice or thrice times than usual clothes we bu. Though the cost is justified to some extent. But you can completely ignore the consumer’s capabilities for purchasing that cloth

I guess fashion designers, entrepreneurs, or brand shave to give it a second thought and come up with some creative solution. ‘

Cost is a major Barries. Even if people want those good, fancy clothes to the wardrobe, many of them just can’t buy it. 

Although the cheapness of fast fashion is cheap because the environment and humans are suffering from this. Though we can’t live in the bubble of one factor, we have to look at other aspects too.

You can not buy a piece of cloth just because it’s cheap, new and different from your old ones.  

So, next time when you go out to purchase something new, ask some questions from yourself. And comment your favorite sustainable fashion brands in the comments section below.

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