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The million-dollar question that most parents face is, “How do we keep children gainfully engaged?” This is more relevant in today’s times when parents have to do many hats and juggle many responsibilities. 

A research amongst 1000 mothers on the MAAD – Make Awesome Ads platform (a subsidiary of GoKrazee Innovations Pvt Ltd founded by Sunder Raman and Aditya Jaishankar) revealed interesting insights around storytelling being a powerful engine for the overall development of children in their formative years  

I remember the most amazing part of my day during childhood. When my granny took me to the roof under the sky full of stars.

And told me some amazing stories from mythology to legend people, from fairy tails to the scary demons. Sometimes some real historical stories. And the funniest part was when she was out of stories she create some fictional characters and contents me her own write ups. 

But somewhere in today’s busy lives parents lamented about the fact that the charm of storytelling is being lost. Parents are not that engaged with their kids as before. 

Mr. Sunder Raman (Founder)

Mr. Aditya Jaishankar (Founder)

Get An Idea

Based on these insights the team arrived at an idea of an interactive global storytelling app called  Mapa Story. The name Mapa was inspired by the original storytellers in every child’s lives their Ma’s and Pa’s, that is their moms and pops. The team decided to create an app that would not just be about listening to stories but would be fun, interactive, and activity-based.

Mapa Story is a storytelling app with a difference. Unlike any other app, this storytelling plus activity-based app enables parents and kids to record stories in their own voice.  This enables kids and parents to not just listen to stories together but record stories in their own voice leading to a strong emotional bond between the parent and the kid. 

Another value adds will be that stories will come with activities. These activities will be fun based and experiential, both offline and online activities that will keep the kid fruitfully engaged. Parents will have a free hand on how much they would like to participate with the kid.    

As vouched for by a parent “This is very much the need of the hour in today’s busy hectic world to keep our kids fruitfully engaged 

Storytelling, Story, Telling, Tale, Storyteller

But the unique recording feature is not the only thing that parents will have to look forward to in  the Mapa Story app

Mapa Story is creating a kiddie weekend property. Where kids will actually be able to narrate stories in their own voice. Parents and children have shown a lot of enthusiasm related to the kiddie Wednesday, a property launched on the Facebook page. Kids have been narrating stories every week and the response has been overwhelming. 

WOW! Watching kids evolve into storytellers every week is a source of immense joy 

The other thing to look forward to is a unique school fund that will reward users for their participation. Brands that are interested in the 3 to 10 kids TG  will partner with the school fund and provide rewards to children. Who actively participate in both the storytelling aspect and the activity aspect on the app 

We analyzed the most successful people of all times are Great Storytellers

The objective of the Mapa Story app is as follows

  • Build the next generation of storytellers by enabling kids to become storytellers 
  • Enabling kids to be more expressive through the modes of storytelling 
  • Enabling the holistic development of the kid in their formative years through stories plus activities associated with them

The team has brought together a diverse set of people who have come together as we all believe in a common cause “Stories can do More.” A bunch of passionate people from diverse backgrounds definitely helps in building a more enriching storytelling platform,” says Jaishankar. 

Says Jaishankar, Saloni is an educator and a mother who is social media savvy with connections across diverse mother groups.

This enables her to have deeper insights into the children and mothers of today. Megha has tons of experience with companies like Viacom and is also a voice-over artist who is fascinated by the art of narrating stories.

Priyal Poddar who actively promotes us through influencers and bloggers has had an extraordinary journey herself. From homemaker to a food blogger and now working across bloggers and influencers across the country.

Megha Mehta (Team)

Saloni Seth (Team)

Priyal (Team)

Bring Change Together

Diverse backgrounds coming together to become our brand advocates and promote the power of stories 

Says Sunder the team is tirelessly working on other game-changing participatory activities like storified learning based on school curriculum and other ideas for the app. Discussions with clients/brands who wish to make a genuine impact among the 3 to 10 kid’s audience and their parents through stories and activities have already begun.

I personally love the ideas and recommend you to go to the Google Play Store App and download Mapa Story.

The Stories we love do live in us forever – JK Rowling

Believe me, Nothing is as powerful as teaching your kids the power of story. So, let us know your favorite story in the comment section below!

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