Quarantine Thoughts- World Will be better again!

The  world I live in was a thunder,

Some things need change and down were just wonder.

Fantasy, Wanderer, Sculpture, Monument, Ice, Cold, Snow

Richness, poverty  and  plenty  all  exist  in  the time we  live  in,

Let’s explore a  few things before we enter why this quarantine. 

People were Engage in business,  trade,  art, and come around from different land, 

All bulge and grew a lot more than ever planned. 

Humans  were  full  of  desire and  life become so  quick,

Likewise services become fast,  things come on your door with just one click.

Family, Friends,  Love all  exist but  they  hardly  have time  to  Spoke,

 Things become extreme, the life balance was broke. 

Baby, Child, Cute, Dad, Daddy, Family, Father, Son

Pupils  had gadgets and four  eyes,  which  filtered  all  the  imperfections,

The crowd was there but the soul feels alone.  

The sky becomes a blur  and  lost  the  sight  of a sky full of stars,

Some were flying high and some roam around the cars.  

Amidst one end people smoke, gamble and  lie, 

Otherside heroes giving us a lesson not to upset the lobbies,  it’s better to die.  

But a new year was waiting for us,  a virus came our way,  

A period of quarantine when all hideaway.  

Virus, Planet, Pandemic, Corona, Globe, Earth, Health

Everyone was at home in fear, maintain the distance of a mile,

And lost in emotions forget how to smile. 

World clap,  unite  the  light to show  the  gratitude rather  than mock, 

Because the vehicle was out of sight, every news gives a shock.  

Places become out of tourist, the earth starts spending quality time.  

Also every life enters the era of quarantine.  

Every one  focus on  breathe,

Things become clear like sea and tree.

Sky (trendingdiary.com)

The joy of dance,  music, meditation food became part of quarantine during the bad time.  

But still, hope exists, that the world shines again.  

After Some Years

A good time  will  come,  sicks  will  be  cured,  all  will  run  outside, 

So we rush into a world ,that is left behind.  

Things  will  never  be the same again, make a way  for  new,

But love, kindness will be appreciated given its due.  

Sometimes  I  wonder  why  this  disaster  happens to  unite  to the world  together, 

Realize then it takes pain to reach the heights that are greater.

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