George Floyd Protest

Protest Flooded across the US and the World

America is currently burning after the death of George Black Floyd, a black citizen. The situation is so bad that there is firebombing protest near the White House, Donald Trump has to stay in the bunker, and curfew has reached more than 40 cities. Who is this George Floyd and how did he die. Know some events in America since its beginning

George Floyd on the ground, policeman’s leg on the neck for 8 minutes

It all started in the US from 25 May. This man lying on the ground is George Floyd, after his death, the condition of America is in a state of disarray. The cause of George Floyd’s death is the American policeman, who laid feet on Floyd’s neck for about 8 minutes. Floyd kept screaming for help during this but eventually died. Black Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a fake bill in a shop. Action is being taken on the policeman who was sitting with Floyd’s neck on his leg. Charged under third-degree death. Despite this, there were demonstrations. The anger of the people has erupted now due to the alleged ill-treatment of African-Americans by the police over the years.

I can’t breathe!

These were his last words of George Floyd. He kept saying repeatedly that he could not breathe, let him get up. Now this line has become the slogan of performance.

The demonstration, arson in 40 cities

There is an atmosphere of unrest and violence in every corner of America. Demonstrations have reached 40 cities. Demonstration fires spread to Tulsa and Los Angeles. During the demonstration, cars and installations were set on fire, sprayed on the walls of buildings on each side and inscribed ‘I can’t breathe’, a dustbin near the doors of the White House Was set on fire.

Protest near White House

The whole incidence makes people sad, angry, and a protestor. Even the leaders, artists are showing rage in different ways. The protesters are so furious that they reach near the White House. There were many arson incidents. After this, the national Donald Trump had to shift to the bunker along with the family.

200-year-old church fire

There is a fire in the basement of the 200-year-old St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington. Protests over the death of George Floyd have taken a violent form in Washington and other American cities, and fire incidents have occurred in many places during this period.

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