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Trending diary, The Podcast is intended to connect you with the ideas, stories, experiences and people who have provided value in the world and are successful in their fields.

Your journey to connect with goodness, possibilities and inspiring stories with a crisp of entertainment with trending diary.

Listen to the voices of greatand successfull people from the world of entrepreneurship, design, entertainment, public figures and similar.

And even hear some extraordinary stories and opinions from common people that can really impact your life.

Also with every episode, you will evolve more with host Priya Sachdeva. Too much to learn, too good to listen and valuable to apply.

Every episode is filled with curiosity, great questions and great answers.

Furthermore, I believe with every episode you will come out to be a better person or a better professional. Live and also learn to live, love and also teach to love, be great and spread greatness, speak and also listen.

Though I know you might be wondering why to listen Trending diary Podcast, if there are thousands other on the internet.

So, Long Story Short, If you are willing to get away from negativity and keen to learn whether in terms of career, business, good lifestyle, leadership and similar.

You know what! I always believe stories have power, but what stories we want to listen and voice out is more important. Choose what you want to hear, which story will help you on your journey or even add value to your life

So, pledge to get back to get some value today and give back more

Even if you would like to voice out your story/ideas on the podcast. Connect us here.

At Trending Diary, we believe Every Story Matters!

Yours Too!

There is no like you, you are born to be great and spread goodness in the world. So, let's be more human than ever and listne to learn.