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Podcast in India: Listening is Learning

Whether it is the need to utilize the time of commute, through jampacked morning-evening travel, to and back from office or relishing the ‘me-time’ in between the hectic Work from Home (WFH) sessions. We are constantly at the lookout of a medium that will keep us updated. One such medium that is definitely making some noise is Podcasts. A constant quest to learn is the top ingredients for growth. And today’s generation is all in for learning on the go. The podcast is surely a medium which ensures effective time management. You can learn about anything and everything, while still doing the household chores. Or listen to an interesting insightful conversation while sipping a cup of coffee. The habit of listening to this virtual partner (a Podcast) is followed in the US or China religiously.

Embrace the Idea

Have you seen that creative advertisement of Amazon Alexa, switch it on, & you can listen to the most successful people just by doing your kitchen work or maybe on the long way back to the home? Millions of people in the US are moving to podcasts. I remember, in my teens, I loved to start my morning by listening to the Oprah show on podcast. That just gave a kick start to my morning. But in India, it still remains an idea. An idea yet to be exploit to the fullest of its potential.

Podcast Culture in India

In India, the podcast culture began in 2005 and it is only in 2018 that there has been a drastic growth, both in terms of listeners and the podcast channels. If we are to believe the trend gurus, the podcast culture is here to stay. We need more storytellers in our country. Stories are the most powerful means through which a leader can inspire, educate, and influence others. It forges a connection between the audience and also conveys the value that unites the people. And certainly, my wish to have a good podcast in India is on the way.

Secrets of Storytellers

SOS as a podcast truly transports you into this world of business and literature. The podcast is tuning on the lines of a conversation with prolific authors, addressed as Storytellers. The host of the podcast is Shubham Agarwal who recently graduated from XLRI, Jamshedpur, and started this podcast as his passion project to know more.

“There is always room for a story that can transport people to another place”. 

The podcast gets its unique brand name credits in the last section of each episode where you get to know the secrets of these storytellers. SOS is just eight storytellers old, interviewing best-seller authors from the world of business.

Like Harsh Pamnani (Marketer, TedX speaker& Communications Consultant, World Bank) talking about his book ‘Booming Brands’. Nistha Tripathi (NYU dropout and Founder, Scholar Strategy) who strikes a wonderful conversation around her bestseller ‘No Shortcuts’, Dr. Shalini Lal (IIM-A, UCLA, Wharton alumnus)goes deep in discussion around her book ‘The Secret Life of Organizations’, and Dr. Anil Lamba (CA & Finance expert) demystifies the concepts of finance in his book ‘Romancing the Balance Sheet’ to name a few.

All these storytellers are from different walks of life with their unique experiences and choices. But what they all share in common is the never-dying attitude of an explorer which can be seen in their art of storytelling.

Hence, if you are someone keeps interest in storytelling or loves books or someday wants to be an author, or simply looking to amplify your base of conversation, this podcast is tailored for you. Trending Diary highly recommends you to subscribe to Secrets of Storytellers on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts now! You can follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook as well.

And let us know in the comment section below what podcast in India appeal you the most and why?

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