A heart note from a Girl like you, who dreams to be the best version herself, be a catalyst of good and most important fulfil all the goals and dreams that nature has given to her. 

No matter which you country you belong to, being a girl many of you have seen the dream of becoming the Miss World.

Or have some aspiration to represent your country at global stage. 

Not because how shiny it looks, but beyond that, the value and connection one can attain through the stage.  

High Five To You, I dream too.

 Though we all have our different purpose, desires and to complete through the platform. 

This doesn’t decline the fact that everyone one of you is special in themselves. 

And also the reason I like this stage because it’s a place where more than competention, creativity matters. 

You don’t have to pretend to be someone. But you, only you!

I become even happier when this organisation is breaking the stereotypes of beauty and giving more chance to best ladies to come and voice out for their thoughts.

For example in India recently the height barries are changed. I mean Crazy! Don’t know how many ladies have asked God for this wish.

AT least I do, XD!

Also, I would love to mention one aspect of this process, where women embrace herself with great quality from the mind, body to soul.

And preparaed by some great coaches and queen makers like in India we have a legend one Rita Gangwani, who is proviidng free and right education to girls to complete their dreams.

More power to the lady and also her great story telling way of teaching which is valuable.

Even I lovde this lady more, when she says the word ” I am Enough”!

I mean so powerful it is….


So, hey ladies let’s not wait to be the part of great journey, Only God knows the infinite path he will open for you.

Beyond anything, the miss world stage will raise a sense raise of confidence, vision, dignity and most important love for yourself and others. 

Furthermore, girls or boys, you all are capable of achieving the best thing in your life that you have set your mind to!

If you have any thoughts to share comment below. 

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