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New Wardrobe: Be good with the environment

Best Time to think for your New Wardrobe

Have you ever calculated what kind of impact you can have with your clothes choices on the environment?

If you didn’t it can be a good time to think the solution for the climate crisis. Rather than just being overwhelmed over it. It’s really important to get the concern over the fact that how our fashion habits impact the environment. What is in the closet should also questions why? Sustainability has become an important aspect of the new wardrobe and we have to be good with environment yet classy with our choices.

So, it’s better to be good with the environment and get aware of our fashion footprints. No doubt, that our choice of clothes matters is individual. But we can unite ourselves in terms of smart consumer and smart Business Person. It’s important to take the right actions and positive changes as a brand person. Even the biggest name in the entertainment industry like Emma Watson is contributing towards the better future of climate and sustainable fashion. Next time if you are going to choose a new wardrobe, just become smarter as a consumer and business person. 

Emma Watson

Good Brands to audit your New Wardrobe

Even some brands in India like Date The Ramp ( ) highly supports the reusing of the clothes from the good fashion labels. They support the good concept of making the clothes utilized and less wastage. In the next five years the future for the reuse, recycle will be booming to the millions of dollars in the fashion market. So next time when you audit your new wardrobe it’s better to be conscious and show some positive change


And even the global company’s like Tread Up is working in somewhere the same niche. They are not only concerned with the climate but also with your choice of fashion as a consumer. But one thing you should consider on consider level just shop what suits your body type rather than going for the bulk of impression. 

So let’s initiate some positive change , have a new wardrobe and be good with the environment.

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