Never-Ending Trend of the Little Black Dress

A trend that is never going to end for women. Black is forever the love of women. Little Black Dress popularly known as LBD has been introduced a few decades back by the big brands like Coco Chanel. But for now, it has become an essential clothing part for every women’s wardrobe. Not necessarily fashion lovers, but from businesswomen to classy models or artists every woman felt a great love towards little black dress. Fashion Designers, Experts believe that every woman should own an elegant beautiful black dress that can make her feel gorgeous on any occasion. Though it’s a neutral way of dressing which can be paired with any apparels. 

A glance to the History

Once upon a time, the color was dull and never the part of choice for the fashion lovers. But you never know, the revolution came and things immensely changed. 

It was around the early 90s hen little black dress was born. Kudos to Coco Chane who created the everlasting trend of Little Black Dress. 

And Vogue had contributed a lot for the trend-setting with the hook line “the frock world will wear”. 

Right after a decade, the flames of this new fashion trend has spread everywhere. Especially in the flapper style of the Jazz Era.  

Guess what? Even Hollywood adopted this fashion statement faster than ever. This monochrome style was highlighted in the new emerging colorful screens. Years passed and even Marilyn Monroe Create more hype for cocktail black dresses. 

It’s like a century passed but the trend is increasing only. LBD Over the years only reflecting an iconic fashion choice. 

The best proof is that even LBD was officially recognized by the oxford dictionary of English. And now you have numerous little black dresses available.  

Even Royal love Black Outfit

How many times you have heard of celebrities, artists walking on Ramps, Red carpet wearing black dresses? No big magazine covers are complete without Black Outfits. Even it’s well said, “ When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to choose”. There had been times when the big magazine covers like Vogue, Vanity Fair was incomplete without the pictures, outlets of trendy black dresses.

Even the royal families of different countries become obsessed with the trend of “Little Black dress”. So if you lack one, just go to buy one. Your wardrobe needs a little black dress for various occasions. Just pair it with the right shoes, and classy jewellery, and no -one can compete with you then. So here are a few ways through which you can make your little black dress more appealing. 

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