Mentoring On Health and Wellness

Mentoring: On Health And Wellness

How many time have you asked a child what they want to be when they grow up, and most of them say, “Don’t know”

Often Right?

Is it fine to leave a child like that or mentor them to find their purpose their calling?

 Many of us have gone through the same, some of us are still struggling to find the true purpose or right calling of life. Or maybe it’s our Kids!


Who to be blamed? Our Parents?, Our Teachers?  Education System? Or We Ourselves? 

Probably It’s a big chain to change with right values. 

In the New Episode of Trending Diary Listen to Daryl Richardson,  a veteran dancer From  Broadway, Television, Movies and worked all around the world who has shared her story in mentoring the right way and also the importance of health and wellness in our life.


Founder of “The Me Nobody Knows”, she runs a non -profit organisation whose purpose is to empower youth by art, right mentorship. 

And also help young kids to embrace their natural gifts, talents given by God  by tapping into their innate gifts, and creative expression

In the Episode, Daryl shares some amazing stories of how she has been able to transform thousands of Student’s life. 

Daryl mentions how Confidence has always been an important part of her life.

 he never hesitates to come in the forefront when it’s necessary. And it’s important to show people the amazing talents you have so you can become an inspiration. 

Though the conversation moulds into the importance of Health and Wellness!


Mentoring On health and Wellness

On Health And Wellness

Where Host Priya ask Daryl How Health has been an important part of her life!

Daryl-  Let me share a magical experience of my life. 

It has been quite a long, that I had suffered from the serious back injury and the world’s best doctor declined for surgery and to treat it. 


But Then one of my friends told me about YOGA and it just takes 6 months to get better again and see “I am Dancing Again” (with Little Laugh)

Also, I believe nothing is as healthy as natural food, natural drinks and living more organically. 

Daryl is also an author of the book Mentoring: The “Me” Nobody Knows- a  tool used at workshop engagements Around the world and,  a study book for students to tap into their inner brilliance.  

Though at the end of the conversation Daryl said: It’s Really Important to Dream Big, and shares the experience of vision Board. How a Vision Board has helped her to achieve her biggest goals. 

Remember we all ate born with something special in us!

And take care of your health and wellness. Probably one of the biggest investment you can make!


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