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Me Too- Mental Health Tip Of The Day

In our Society, the Topic Of Mental health is Quiet Mundane. We Often read about it, listen to the conversations on the same, Try To Aware people. But nothing changes….


Let’s Consider Mental health just a phase of your life, like any other phase, which every person goes through. Me Too! And even your best friend, love, parents and even your boss.

There is nothing to cry or feel bad about. 

A Story On To Live By

Let’s Understand this through a story

Can you imagine the pain of a man who had a successful career that started at the NBA League Office, and after years led to good senior management positions with a number of professional sports teams? But his mental health took a sudden and rapid decline?

I mean isn’t it painful?

Due to unresolved personal life traumas, he failed to appropriately address at a younger age – life experiences he was unaware were affecting his mental health –  the man developed a severe bout of PTSD, along with symptoms of anxiety and depression. This fall came essentially “out of nowhere” and left him almost permanently in bed, and with severe cognitive impairment, for just over two and a half years.

Though here comes a twist… 


Once he found a way to climb out of his abyss, he vowed to spend the rest of his life focused on changing the global conversation through mental health advocacy. And turn his wounds into Wisdom.


Vulnerability is Key To Connection 


In the new Episode of Trending Diary Host Priya Sachdeva was in Conversation with Eric Kussin, the man’s story you read above and Founder of We’re All A Little “Crazy”. Having more than the 15-year profession of sports executive, Eric Kussin, bringing together Athletes, Celebrities, and Expert Practitioners and having a valuable conversation around Mental Health.

He is determined to spread his message: that EVERYONE in the world is affected by life’s inevitable traumas and stresses. We can’t escape them, as they are part of the human experience and they impact us on many levels.

 Mental health exists, with some simply experiencing more severe declines than others over varying periods of time in their lives.

Because of the experience,  eric believes one should all be open and accepting of those who need help, because we’re one community in this “crazy” world, all fighting our own unique, but down to the deep similar, battles.

Probably the best Mental health Tip Of The Day, we came across!


And also Started the Same Here Campaign which reflects the mission of connectivity and putting everyone on the same ground irrespective of excluding people with some bad mental health Condition!

Me Too- Mental Health Tip Of The Day
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Also When Priya ask Eric: 

What is the one Trend that he wants to see more evolving in the new world?

Eric replies beautifully – VULNERABILITY is a key to connection. I believe we should be open to our strengths and even our bad days too. It’s fine to pour your heart. It’s fine to feel bad someday. And never compare your life with social media personalities. Certainly, they had a bad phase in their life. So what if they are not putting all out there. Be Vulnerable, be more connective”.

Very True, If we open up & share vulnerably, we connect, and connect better, we invite sharing from others, much of the unhealthy stuff we are “holding onto” gets released, & even start to heal.

Let tune in and hear the whole story and Mental Health Tip Of The Day here.  

Also If you have any story to share whether on mental health or some ordinary one with an extraordinary twist. Reach to Us or Comment Below!


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