Because of Coronavirus, it has been a few months since people are staying inside the house and not stepping out. Unfortunately, a large amount of the world’s population are shutter inside their home. Many only step out for essential supplies. Although this may saving us from being exposed to coronavirus. But But But…… this may have had a less obvious effect on our immune systems. And this may leave us to more vulnerable effects which have bad effects on our immune system. Lockdown is coronavirus cure not for other disease.

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Humans on the planet are naturally adaptable to the cycle of light and dark. And our bodies are set up to work in partnership with sunlight. Means explore to Vitamin D and good rays coming from sunlight. This daily dose of vitamin D helps to strengthen our bones and teeth, but also has an effect on our immune cells.

Vitamin D defense against respiratory infections. Though Vitamin D  is quite appealing to tweak the activity of other immune cells, such as B and T cells,

Being at home day People doesn’t get much exposure to sunlight and this leads to low levels of vitamin D. This means you can be at greater risk of viral respiratory tract infections such as influenza.

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This may sound counterintuitive, but many deaths across the European countries have found a low level of Vitamin D. 

And nowadays a great transformation in the lifestyle has led people to stay at home as much as possible. Which may combine with greater use of sunscreen in these countries. Much is responsible for the lower levels of vitamin D.

Many studies suggest that all adults should consider vitamin D supplements during the current crisis.

Though of vitamin D by spending more time outdoors as some of the restriction measures in many countries ease. Particularly as it can bring other benefits.

Although there is no scientific data proving that regular exercise makes us less susceptible to catching Covid-19. This increases the immune response to vaccination.

Spend Time at Forest and Exercise for boosting Immune System

Just be aware of the fact exercise is an amazing and amazing way to reduce the stress. And it’s very clear that high levels of chronic stress are not good for the immune system,” says Neil Walsh, who studies the impact of exercise on the immune system at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. It is good to reduce stress by being active and physical exercise.

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Exercising in the natural environment can enhance your good health while lower heart disease risk. Numerous studies have found that getting outdoors in nature,  even to an urban park. This lowers people’s heart rates and blood pressure, as well as normalizing secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol. 

 Woohoo! there’s the Attention Restoration Theory, which even suggests that natural patterns and movement effortlessly engage our attention. This provides our overstretched brains an opportunity to rest and recover.

If you love the forest, it’s a bang-bang for you. Several studies have suggested that spending a few days in forest results is a positive thing for you. This increase in the number and activity of our natural killer cells.

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Father, Son, Walk, Child, Boy, Family, Parent, People

“In practice, I think these various pathways probably work in synergy,” says Catharine Ward Thompson,  co-author of a World Health Organization report on urban green spaces and health. “Phytoncides may be important, but you probably need to be fully immersed in the natural environment for some time to get these benefits. Whereas psychological benefits such as relaxation and lowering of stress might be easier to obtain.”

Get Good Sleep at Night!

Going outdoors can literally improve the quality of our sleep. Though this corona lockdown could have disrupted our circadian rhythms which include sleep. Our circadian rhythms should be synchronized, or entrained, to the time of day when we are outdoors.  They are active with the action of bright light hitting a set of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye. These eye cells communicate with a patch of brain tissue snd control the functionality of the body light clock. 

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“Indoor light is typically too low to promote entrainment. So if one does not go outdoors all week, these rhythms may become disbalanced, resulting in disturbed sleep.

Though researches suggest that going for an outdoor walk in the morning can enhance the quality of our sleep and better effect our good lifestyle. 

Exposure to bright light during the morning can have a positive impact on people’s mood. Leads to no depression!

You can’t decline to your long term health because of coronavirus cure.

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But there is a particular time span that how much you need to spend your time out of House. Although morning light is particularly important for keeping our circadian rhythms synchronized, optimal vitamin D synthesis occurs around noon, when the UVB rays in sunlight are at their peak.

So, if lockdown conditions allow, you should strive to get outdoors at least once a day, whilst taking steps to maintain social distancing and sunburn. Though Sunlight and nature are free and best healers. 

Also, until vaccine is not founded you have to be responsible enough for yourself.

And is the only Coronavirus Cure for now. If you have any story of the quarantine. Share below, I will reach to you personally.

Please feel free to share if you find some crazy Coronavirus Cure. Except lockdown… You know what I mean.

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