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Hydration must be a lifestyle not a beauty Tip

Many people consider drinking too much water is a beauty tips. But staying hydrated is a lifestyle. A good thing for your body and your mind too. Dry and dull skin is no fun. When it comes to treating your skin well nothing works better than proper hydration for the skin. As it contributes too much to your mind as well. Though drinking the right amount of water and aright food is the best thing to refill your energy and keep the hydrated skin.  But to add some magic formula to the skins you can even consider some minimal products which will keep your skin subtle and natural glowing. From Face to Toe you can use some good organic products which will not harm your skin and even make you feel nice. Let’s have a look


A few things which you can consider for your face hydration routine would be Night cream, face mist or hydra cool serums. A night cream will act as a moisturizer and will work as a skin primer for you. While face mist works as a spray toner that will tighten the pores and makes you feel good. 

Serums are better for dry and winter skin, they add some extra boost to the hydration process of your skin. Though considering the brand is something that you should choose on your own by experimenting with what’s the suit you best. Forest essentials, khadi, and tata harper are some brands you can consider for some idea. 


Lips are a sensitive part of the skin that requires good care hydration. You may try some vegan flavor lip balms which will help you to stay hydrated. They might be a blessing for you in seasons of winters especially.  

On Nykaa, kylie you will get a large no. of products to choose from. 


The body lotions are good moisturizers and quite essential for good hydration of your body. From arms to legs you may apply body lotions or serums especially with good fragrance and even consider the SPF. Which will act as a hydrated as well as an SPF product for you? 


Hand lotion is a baby hydration product that you can carry anywhere, anytime with you. Ceramides and Rich Almond Oil are important products that you should look for before searching for the right product. 

Though with all the products do not forget the essential thing has a lot of alot of water for good hydration!