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Lessons From Adventurous Traveller To Entrepreneur Women

Have you ever wondered to travel the world? Want to live an adventurous life and experience some of the exotic places in the world? Being an Entrepreneur Women or Business Man?

Or even style a dream lifestyle where you can experience some of the best things in the world?

If yes, you are quite like me!

Or maybe I am like you!

In the new episode of Trending Diary, listen to how a young lady started her journey of travelling by being a travel photographer

Later turned into an entrepreneur. And running a hat business to promote sustainability & women artisans.

Trending diary Podcast. ENterpreneur WOmen

Valuable Lessons

Laura has some candid conversation with host Priya Sachdeva. Laura shares her stories from some of the best places in the world including India, Indonesia, and Peru is one of her favourite sites because

of liveliness, diverse culture these countries have. 

Also, she had some wonderful great lessons that she learnt while travelling the world. Like why gratitude his really important in our life and beautiful people she has come across within hard times. 

The reality about the world is far beyond what media is showing to us. Beyond what you negativity is shown to you on New Channels, there are kind, beautiful and great people who are really helping each other out. So there good things, great people in the world which Laura has explored through her travelling Journies.

Though in her one travel journey to Peru, Laura has met with some creative Women artisans which give her the idea of starting a business around hats. Through which one can set a decent income for those artistic ladies and also create a fine product for the people globally. 

However, Laura also lightens up some thoughts on what is a slow fashion and how it’s really important for the sustainable world. 

To listen to the complete conversation Tune in Here!

If you have any thoughts, ideas to share. Or even if you know some Entrepreneur Women with a great journey! Comment Below:- 

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