“Once I had a dream that I was flying high in the sky, but I observe the environment is getting hotter, darker.” And then I woke up, realized that I don’t want this to happen in reality. Which led me to write this article and make you aware of what is sustainable Fashion.


Hopefully, things will get fine and people will start coming back to their routine. Somewhere, we all start struggling with our closet and some new collection. From our Business environment to casual daily looks. We need dresses for different purposes. 

But over time, when things are changing and we are becoming more conscious of our choices. We have to look at our clothes choices that we will be proud to wear and still it meets our style needs.  

I am very fond of fashion, creativity, new clothes but it’s time for the new chapter, some new changes, some important needs that our world demands.


The Covid-19 Pandemic, certainly has an impact on our health, business. And also change the decision our look /need and style for a fashion. 

These days sustainability has become the limelight in the fashion world. The way people become conscious with their bodies, similarly they are shifting their purchasing decisions to create a cleaner and better environment. 

Replacing Fast Fashion

After the covid-19 pandemic, people will be more attentive to their purchasing. When it comes to clothes Preferability should be quality, long term use, and style. And one more important thing, on what stake these clothes are made.  

Fast fashion, may complete your above three needs. But, when it comes to risk our planet we are paying much higher prices. 

You might come across the headlines like deforestation, water contamination, and biogas elimination, big brands paying less to the artisans.  

safe and secure

It’s a big-time when we have tounderstand the simpler supply chain in a better way. And create a “sustainable” ecosystem that must be sustained and create transparency for the world to see the real environmental impact. We have to change the premise of our design and manufacturing of our clothes. 

Why Sustainable? 

Though one can write research papers on why sustainable fashion?.  But long answer short. 

“We are not free until everyone is free”

So with good fashion. Clothes it’s really important to consider that these people are not using modern slavery, child labour and most important much harm to nature.  

Sustainably made clothes follow soon ethics into their production and also give importance to not only fabrics but also, the process, artisans and Weavers involved.  

Also sustainable is made to last irrespective of trends.  Many brands keep this thing in mind,  that clothes are easy to wear year-round. So instead of having to put it around every season or it getting worn out quickly you really get your money worth.  

Although Initially, I have this misunderstanding that,  Sustainable made fashion is quite expensive.  But it’s certainly not. Look at it another way round.

Sustainable fashion prices are what the clothing is supposed to cost. 

Furthermore natural fibres are expensive natural resources and labour intensive to cultivate, harvest and process. 

Many in the industry are concerned with the garment workers but the people working in the cotton onto the cotton fields in Third world countries are the real ‘working poor’. They get paid $1.50 per day ($0.40) below the poverty line (Just an average calculation)

Plus there are many extra steps that happens in the Global Value Chain of fashion where a garment worker starts to make the garment. 

Essentially cheap clothes are made by people who are ‘chronically poor’ and when companies pay people in the supply chain decently (decently, not well!) then clothes become ‘so called expensive’.

It’s quite a fair price what other clothes are supposed to be. Although it’s the fast fashion which is obscenely cheap because workers are being abused.  

Sustainably made fashion is not at all expensive, it the price because they are paying their workers throughout the whole supply chain fairly.  

Also, it’s more of a Supply and Demand chain, more people wanted it there could be price cuts. But overall that’s what clothes should cost.  

Get Clarity About What is Sustainable Fashion

When it comes to sustainable fashion we are loaded with massive mixed information. Does it all include conscious shopping, rented clothes, organic cotton, clothing made from recycled clothes? When it comes to climate crises, some companies positively respond and create yet another eco-friendly product. That we can buy, and call “Sustainable”. Focusing on artisanal Labour, high-quality natural fabrics, along with the reduction of chemicals and lessen energy, water waste. Minimal impact on nature and biodiversity, we can put together the right sustainable fashion. 

Sustainable Fashion

Smart People Go with The Change.  

Where some people still wear old conventional clothes. Some smart and conscious beings are catching on new trends. They are choosing clothes and materials that are engineered to greet quality and last longer and ditch the farmers’ chemicals and polymers.  

Those fancy, cheap, quick-drying polyesters no longer attract the good consumer. Because they understand it will hold on to bacteria and will stink so fast that you will be inclined to throw them right after your first event. And this will take 100s of years to decompose that garment.  

“You must learn how to invest in clothes that last forever.”  

Take Little Steps and Make Big Difference 

I understand it’s not that easy to take full responsibility at once. But we can change our daily choices. Or just be a little aware and our commitment to purchase good quality. We have to be more present when it comes to dealing with the news headlines. Who knows, that shopping will become the best way to express our citizenship. To make the world and economy a great place. 

Sustainable fashion, fashion closet

We are well aware that fashion is completely a consumer-facing industry. And we, being the consumers have real power to be vocals about the expectations. That’s why our little changes can roll out to global call to action. 

“Do Something as a solution rather than pollution”

If you are a fashion brand or business or company o individual support sustainable fashion. And want your story to hear by the world. You can submit your story here.

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