After the outburst of the pandemic, we all have faced challenges in different ways. A lot of things have changed from our fashion style, wearing face masks, to day to day activities. 

One thing which has not only become the need, but also a fashion statement is face masks. 

Even many people are trying their hand on creating stylish and unique mask according to their need and learnt how to make face mask

But, there is a substitute for everything, let’s create one without a sewing machine. 

I agree face mask is available every now and then, But as I always talk about sustainability, another kind can end up being quite expensive, and probably even not in favour of climate. 

Also, its quite hard to find one that you really wear all by your comfort. I can understand sometimes show irritating to have a face mask that doesn’t fit your style and comfort. 

Keeping all the above things in mind, it makes sense to make your own exactly how you want it, which is where this guide comes in.

 Below, I simplified methods for you to choose from, each with only a few short steps to follow. Plus, I have tried to include simplest tricks on how to make the most comfortable, functional and easy to create face masks. 

If you’d rather buy a face-covering – even if you are making your own mask, you may still want to buy some that are extra stylish and also keep you safe– I had also curated a story around where you can buy your mask from.

Note: Before creating a face mask, please have important guidelines. how to choose the right face mask.

do not choose a face mask that
Source: CDC
Choose a face mask that
Source: CDC

Now, let’s dive into the process of how to make face mask. 

1. With Bandana folding cloth and elastic bands

Source: CDC

Essential Stuff! 

  • A bandana or scarf
  • Elastic Rubber or Hair ties
  • A coffee filter, paper towel 

I guess this is one of the simplest ways to create a face mask Involve folding a bandana or a scarf.

 Take your material to the light to see how much you can see through it. 

The less you can see, the better! If the material is quite thin then your face mask won’t be as effective. 

Cotton or Linen would be best!

At this point, you can also add a square piece of a coffee filter, paper towel.

Then, place your rubber bands around your strip of material, and fold the material in towards the middle. 

Tadhaaa… you are all set to wear the Face Masks. 

 2. With T-Shirts, Cup Up T-shirts and Pin Together

Source CDC

Material you need

  • A T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Coffee filter or paper towel 

Just a simple shirt will be great to create the face mask!

Note- Do not use any unhygienic or overused t-shirts.

 Ideally, your T-shirt should be 100 per cent cotton and as opaque as possible.

  • First, cut your t-shirt in such a piece that would be suitable to make a mask. 
  •  You have set the height from the amount of material according to your needs.  Generally, it should be the length from the top of your nose to underneath your chin.
  •  It’s great to measure before. Also if you cut bigger than you think you need, so you can trim the excess.
  • You then need to cut into your T-shirt  – to make the ties for your face mask.
  •  Next, cut your ties in such a way Retie them around your head. 
  • Adjust until you get a snug fit around your nose and chin. 

Also, Coffee filters and paper towels are optional,  just pin them with a safety pin.  

And you are ready to wear your mask.
Also, it’s good to wash your hands before wearing the face mask. 

Save Some For Health Workers

Also, one of the major reason to create Homemade masks, that is not only to wear one as per the comfort, but they could help stop you inadvertently passing on the disease to others.

Because we can conserve the PPE kits and N95 masks for those who seriously need an N95 or professional masks like health care workers and outgoing workers. 

Though Facemasks are not only escapse from the virus. Hand hygiene especially is just as important as before – so wash, wash.. 20 minutes down!

Note: that the face masks we’re talking about here are not medical-grade face masks.

If you have put your creativity in making one good mask. I am excited to know about you as well. Share your ideas in the comment below or share the picture on Instagram and tag us at @trendingdiary. So more and more and more people would know how to make a face mask at home!

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