As someone who has been severely bullied in school for looking different & having dreams & that most around her never understood. What self-worth you can expect?

Shreya Patel, a model turned award-winning filmmaker, actress, and mental-health advocate. speaks openly about making it on her own by learning to build her self esteem during the times of adversity and owning her self worth in the new episode of Trending Diary.

Shreya is a brave, beautiful and wise girl from India, creating her identity globally and doing amazing work in the field of Fashion, Cinema and Philanthropy.

Though you might wonder it’s because she is blessed with beautiful skin. But it’s not,  more than that it’s pure heart and great mind.

But story is all crazy!

The girl had a dark past where she even survived the criticism and bullying from her fellow mates. Though her wild dreams and the will o live the, in Reality, keeps Shreya going. 

In the episode Shreya hares a very beautiful thing with host Priya Sachdeva “What would warrior Goddess do?” and do that in times when external sources and motivation fails you. 

It’s magical and works like wonder?

Girl Up

As a role model and an activist, Shreya is a voice for empowerment. She recently directed and produced Girl Up, an award-winning documentary telling the story of a young woman’s journey from being a domestic human trafficking victim to fighting to take her life back. During this pandemic, she has gathered over 65 countries on 6 different continents and made a documentary called Unity showcasing the plight of the human spirit as well as directed a music video called Freedom Dance showcasing the inner freedom of people during the global lockdown which garnered over 1 million views on Youtube in less than 2 weeks. She is a Women’s Achiever Award Honoree for Youth Leadership.


One trend that you want to see more evolving in the new world?


Having Self Worth is something every women and man embrace in themselves. And also living the life of your choice and full of humanity will take you places. 

Tune in!

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