How to Improve Mental Health after Covid-19 Challenges?

Good Mental health is an important aspect to live a good life. It’s more than your physical appearance and impacts the way you feel about yourself, your life, and the people around you. According to WHO reports about 450 million people suffer from mental illness. And even after the rapid spread of Covid-19, there is a massive impact on people’s mental health. But we have to seek solutions to improve mental health.

The pandemic has come with a lot of challenges, especially when people have to stay inside for a long time. And come with many fears like fear of infection, death, economic losses, truncated plans for study and growth, loneliness, worry for loved ones, getting sick, and other uncertainty. 

But one has to change its attitude. And look this pandemic as an opportunity to formalize the prioritization of mental health. For your own self, your family, friends, and loved ones. Though you can seek professional help or any doctor treatment. But considering changes in the health care schedule due to coronavirus. You can provide some emotional help to yourself. Let’s have a look at what you can do to improve your mental health.

Go online to explore your better Version

After COVID-19, some businesses, influencers, service providers got massive attention from people online. And some of them will truly help you out. You just need to explore and master the full breadth of opportunities for meaningful social connection, mindfulness, self-care, distance learning, which suits you better. You might know there is a deep connection between our mind and the immune system. The best time is always present to review our use of tech in general and mental health tech in particular. Apps are a modern magic wand that grants wellness, sleep, or an end to poor mental health, one has to use it with good wisdom. Cultivating little good habits in yourself can change your life forever.

Be a Helping Hand and don’t shy to seek one

Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, depression, poor mental health, and anxiety have been noted as defining features of our times. And now this Isolation and uncertainty have introduced us to the new realities of our new virtual lives. Virtual work, virtual schools, and virtual family care – under the incredible stress of unfamiliar circumstances. 

But we have to mindful of your actions and try to empower others. Being helpful and kind, and valued for karma is a good way to build self-esteem and respect for ownself. There are great meaning and sense of purpose you find in your life when you help others. 

Let’s generate a sense of ownership in your life, for your family, love, community, and your own self. Even, being more trusting can increase your emotional well-being and a sense of positivity. 

Even the government should take some steps:-

It is important to identify the multiple reasons of the stress, generated by the covid-19 and prepare individuals, workplaces, schools, governments, and society to deal with this crisis. According to the UN data, countries earmark less than 1% of the healthcare budget for mental health. This is beyond less one can imagine. By changing this equation, even every government have it in their power to encourage more conversation. And improve health-seeking behaviors for its people. 

We have to change our mindset and consider this an opportunity before us to establish an even stronger and more resilient global community. A world where people practises both physical and mental hygiene. Now is the best time for individual and collective action to shift to a healthier, better “new normal” for all.

Comment below your special tips to improve mental health. So, we can see a better world.

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