One of the biggest lessons I have received from my grandmother is not to see the world what it is, but see beyond. See what it could be and try to be mindful.

Probably this lesson apply to many aspects of life where I mold my thinking in a better way.

Though this Monday, let’s see how being mindful can save us from the unwanted noise beside us. Yes, you read it right!

There are too many unwanted things that don’t deserve your special attention. Like for me, it’s all negative news, stupid fights between my neighbors, Some unwanted drama that consumes my energy. 

For you, it may be anything else, Analyse-it, and just move on. 

Though I am not preaching you what to focus on, what to avoid, or what’s worth your energy or time. 

Of course, you know it better. 

It’s just a little reminder that I am giving you because my instincts don’t allow me for everything. 

Open to Everything and attach to nothing.

Ask yourself a Question?

So, next time whenever you fall into a trap like usage of social media or entertainment. Instead really building your carrier up. Just give yourself a little pause and ask if the same thing can really take you anywhere.

I remember the late teen where I had too many things in my mind. Like all dramas from some friends, some relationships and breakups, sometimes it’s unwanted use of social media and even family drama too. So, I was not able to do the stuff worth deserve a penny. 

I stop, pause, and reflect. Which let me decide …. Girl, next time you are going to use your resource for good. Instead of consuming them for unwanted noise

So, next time before falling into trap… just stop, pause, and reflect. And ask does it really worth my energy and time. 

May be life will be a little better next time!

3 Habits- Essential part of your lifestyle


Even Researchers show Meditation is the best way to adapt mindful change in your life. I know how religious or spiritual you are. But certainly one thing I felt in my life meditation open the path to GOD. 

And here I don’t mean like physically meeting with God, but at a conscious level where you can feel the divine connection.  

Meditate, t

Even my day is incomplete without 15-30 minutes of silence. Where I am just focused on my breadth of feeling immense positivity flowing in my body. 

Let’s give it try

Being present at the Moment 

Okay, no lies. I myself on this journey. Probably also a growing student on this subject.

I knew it’s pretty hard because even sometimes I try to escape my emotions, get anxiety, or even sometimes start thinking of the moment that I want in my life

Always escaping the present moment. Which led me to waste so much precious moments of life. But certainly, me being a student of this subject can tell how important this is for your life

Let’s not waste even a single moment of your life. Use it in all good from being happy to be creative with your work. From spreading love to be aligned with your purpose. 

After all this life is GOD’s precious gift. And I don’t like disrespecting gifts, instead better learn to make full use of them. 


Read and Write

Okay, one of the best hobbies I have developed over the last three years is reading and also trying my hands into writing. 

I don’t know how it’s going to benefit me for long. But one thing I knew for sure, they give me immense pleasure. 

Imagine your self completely lot in the thoughts, your surrounding, or even the stuff you don’t what to give a damn. 

Once I encountered with reading this add value to me, though not a book warm. As a habit tit’s just a 30 minutes art of my day. But yes, when I am reading I am just reading. 

So all apply to write which requires me to being fully mindful About the intentions, creativity, and several other factors. 

Though my purpose to write, is to make you aware of the fact of how many times we lose ourselves in our surroundings. Rather than finding our true self, and one way we can achieve this is by being mindful. By listening to the voice within us. 

Let’s try I am also on the journey. Hope you will join me too. Put your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Have a great week ahead! 

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