How exposed to COVID-19 are you at your job?

Many of you have returned back to the job but Coronavirus is increasing day by day. It’s important to know how exposed is your job to Covid-19. 

The data have shown that the risk of exposure to the disease and closeness to contact workers is quite high. Many jobs require people to work quite relatively close to each other. For example jobs like lawyers, HR, Marketing scored high in terms of maintaining social distancing. While jobs of health care professionals, cleaners, prison officers quite risky. There is some elementary occupation that are not exposed to Covid-19 but does require close contact with others. Even Educational workers are quite safe from the crowd. 

Because many of the things become dynamic so bar staff, actors, small businesses have to tale extra precautions. 

Use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Though using PPE kits can lower the risk of exposure. Maybe that the reason the no.of death rate is quite high in social workers, not doctors according to the UK report. Though many firms are distributing partition screens and distributing gloves to protect people. 

Almost the whole world is working from their home, their kitchens. But with time many people have shifted to their workplace. Those who can’t work remotely are now encouraged to go out. But it’s important to take complete precautions. 


The data below comes from this release by the ONS.

The figures on proximity and exposure to disease come from a survey. A survey carried out by the Occupational Information Network (O*NET). 

Respondents were asked in the US to place themselves on a 1 to 5 scale for the following two questions.

1. How physically close to other people are you when you perform your current job?

2. How often does your current job require you to be exposed to diseases or infections?

For the positive exposure to disease, a score of 1 means they are never exposed. Which is quite safe. While a 5 means they are exposed daily. 

For the physical closeness question, 1 means the respondent works more than 100ft away from the nearest another person. While 5 means they need to touch or be near to touching other people at work. The survey was carried out before social distancing measures were introduced and workers in certain jobs will of course find it easier to adjust than others.

Response collected from the people in the same jobs were averaged together. And extrapolated to form a score of 100. We’ve looked at these scores out of 100 and given each job a ranking.

If any two jobs had the same score a tied ranking is given to them

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