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How many times you have created your Health and Wellness goals. And not able to achieve it. Don’t worry if it counts to be 10, 20, or 100 times. I had been just like that. A lazy brat who wants to have a healthy body, (ups… a sexy figure) But don’t want to raise my feet above the bed.

Many times we keep saying to our friends and family that we are going to achieve a fitness goal. Like many, you want to lose 10 pounds, or gain muscles or even want to have shaped a particular body.

And hardly take the action. Jeezzzz….

But things have changed. I learned art, don’t have a lazy ass anymore. 

Believe it doesn’t seem like a struggle. After all, I am pretty happy with this new me. And began to experience a significant positive shift in my overall health as a result. 

I have seen a shift in my health and wellness. 

A shift from chronic fatigue, anxiety mind, lethargic body to the energy body, calm mind, and enthusiastic behaviour.

Though the changes are endless, and I hope to continue this journey and include you too.

Before moving further let’s have a little glance over what health and Wellness meant. 

What are health and Wellness?

The WHO defines health as “not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being”.  Wellness has been defined more as the action an individual takes to meet the above definition of health.

Wellness has more to do with the power of choice, which means you should have the ability to take action towards optimal health. The individual creates the proper environment for a healthier lifestyle. 

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We as an individual must appreciate that the body is a three-dimensional being. Body, mind, and spirit are woven together as one. Any action, thought, feeling that one has, will create a rippling effect on not only their body but in those that surround.

Though I aspire to become the most authentic expression of my best self. In the journey to creating optimal health and wellness within my body and mind. I had learned a lot. 

Improving your ‘health and wellness’ refers to promoting good health and reducing the risk of disease with a holistic approach takes into account many factors including physical and emotional factors.

But first thing first. When I was at your stage you know what some steps which I had taken to start the grand journey. 

I have broken it down into 3. Let dive into- 

1. Create your own fitness goal in mind. 

I know this sounds usual and everyone says it. But the way I mean it is a little different. For me losing weight, maintaining health is not about getting a skinny figure or some model like skin. But what I mean is a little different. Imagine your self in the perfect health state, what does it seem like.

Then you pan your goals and try to achieve them. Don’t fall into the scam of some shimmery advertisement or marketing tactics. 

Believe me, I have seen those high skilled Marketers from so close. They had master the skill of persuasion. 

Healthy lifestyle, Excercise to be done
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So, you better be authentic and try to achieve your own goals in health.

Which might very from just having a dynamic body to the flexible one. Or from good strength to 6 abs.

2. Sweat, Breath, and Repeat 

Once you know, what kind of body you want to achieve. What emotional wellbeing you are looking for. How you want to nurture your mind. Don’t sit back. Get up and start your morning or even end the evening with little exercise and meditation. Former is good for body and mind. Latter is good for the mind and soul. 

Look some work is required to achieve a thing. Just stay positive and consistent with your workout and meditation. Over time you will master the art. Believe me, this is from personal experience. Though you can choose the type of exercise as per your goals. Like you want a curvy, energetic, and flexible body. Nothing is better than yoga. 

If you want strength and stiffness. Cardio is good for you. Explore more about this. And Meditation is evergreen. 

Health and wellness

So, people just think it that way. 

3. Remember the basics for good health and mind

Above everything I mentioned. You should not underestimate some basic healthy lifestyle habits. Which no matter, how casual they seems but keeps your metabolism good. And very important in your health journey

  1. Drink a lot of water in the morning and the evening. 
  2. Walk, walk, walk-If you are someone like me who feels a little lazy in running. Nothing is matters than walking. It’s multi-beneficial enhance creativity (you will certainly get some good ideas), and great health. Dude! I don’t want to miss this deal.
  3. Get Good Sleep – I know you are passionate and lazy like me. Lol! 

I don’t mean to hurt you. Though having good sleep is important if you are on your fitness goals. 

  1. Please try to have homemade food. 
  1. Stay happy! Like your life depends on it! 
  2. Have your sunlight. There no good source for vitamin D than Sunlight itself.
  3. Little silence in a day creates magic for life. Even if you are full of work, hasting meeting, travel schedule and more. Just don’t forget to do that.

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