Many of us are interested in learning meditation but don’t have time due to busy life and some are not interested and also don’t have any idea how to start? So let us see this guided Meditation for beginners

Meditation is very simple to do. It can help you to relax and will help you to become stress-free, more focused, become more peaceful and also improve your understanding of yourself and develop your inherent potential and remove negative energy. 

How to Meditate?

  • Choose a proper environment – Find a place which is quite pleasant yet peaceful where you won’t be disturbed for at least ten to fifteen minutes or maybe even more. Sit down, relax, and keep your hands on your lap. You can sit on the floor cross-legged with the support of any meditation cushion or any yoga mat. You should sit in a lotus (padmasana) position. 
  • Breathe slowly and deeply – Close your eyes and take a slow and deep breath inhaling with your nose and exhaling from the mouth. You should never force your breathing, let it come naturally. Few intakes are likely to be shallow but as you allow air to fill your lungs each time, your breath will gradually come deeper and fuller. Exercise as long as you need to breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Be aware – When you are breathing deeply then you will start to feel calmer and relaxed which can be said as a good sign. Focus your attention on your breathing. Be aware of your every breath that you take in from your nose and be mindful of each breathes that you exhale from your mouth. Here you should focus your breath. You should be able to develop the focusing power and find it more comfortable to concentrate.
  • Ending the meditation- When you end the meditation then slowly open your eyes and stand up. Stretch yourself and build your increased awareness for your next activities.

Well done!! You have done it!!

Now you know how to start doing meditation.

Let us consider some Benefits of Meditation which can be life-changing for you.

 Some of them are explained briefly below: 


  • Focus and Concentration: The most important benefit of meditation on your health is that it increases concentration power to a greater extent. Today one of the major problems is that some of them are not able to focus on the activities they do. That is why you are not able to get the optimum results out of that. So, there are a number of reasons which helps you to increase your concentration level. 


  • Stress and Anxiety: The other effect of meditation is that it helps you to reduce the high amount of stress and anxiety. When you breathe in and breathe out. You exhale your anger and inhale the fresh air which calms down your mind and makes you feel very relaxed and stress-free.


  • Depression: No medicine can cure mental illness but yes, meditation helps you to fight depression. When you perform meditation in its correct form then it helps you to heel mental illness and elevates the depression. It helps to uplift the mood and reduces anxiety.


  • Heart Function: Not only this, but meditation also helps to keep a regular check on the heartbeat of the person. It makes the heart less proves to the heart-related problem. 


  • Overall Health: Meditation improves the overall health of the person. Only the person has to practise it regularly at a particular time with the correct postures. Then surely, meditation will give true meaning to life. 



So, today in the chaos lifestyle of living life, meditation is a really important part and parcel of human life. It teaches the simplest ways of a living, well-balanced life and brings the ultimate form of peace and satisfaction to one’s life. Everyone should definitely try to indulge in the habit of practising meditation on a daily basis. 


If you have your Own Tips for Guided Meditation For Beginners. Comment us below!


Written By: Gaurav Chaurasia


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