Why Gratitude is the new Dude!

The very first good habit I have added to my life to making a list of thing that I am grateful for. Showing Gratitude, and believe me, it’s worth it!

Over the I developed a routine of getting up and saying Thank You. Sometimes It does include the reason, and another it’s just for everything I owe to God.

The magical power of gratitude will turn your life into Gold, even diamonds too. It is well said Count your Blessings and God will never make you suffer. Gratitude is an important feeling important to walk on the map of brilliant, rich, fulfilling, and dazzling life one could ever dream of having. 

Gratitude will bring your mind into closer harmony with the creative energies from the universe. 

One should be naked to the eyes of God. Be grateful for having God, family, friends with you and they will never disappoint you to any point in your life. 

I mean it literally happens, when someone appreciates the things he does, he wants to do more. It’s always about appreciation. It always supports. 

From Grade 6 we are taught about the law of attraction, newton’s third law. But in real life, are they applicable too. I guess so…. We attract the good in our life if we feel grateful for it. Gratitude is the key to magical life. Whatever we think about,  thank about we bring about.

Magical Power of Gratitude!

Take the example of great personalities you ever knew from Oprah Winfrey to the greatest artist, billionarie, leader or any personality living won’t deny the power of bringing grateful. 

They all felt great gratitude towards God for having a great life, wisdom, love, and all the riches they acquire.

In my life, I always feel grateful towards God, my parents, my siblings, and my friends. They never resisted me to choose my career choice. They give me the right freedom and choice to pursue whatever I want. I remember once complaining about some material things that my friend had, and I felt envious. But then my mother taught me the power of thoughts and personal beliefs. 

How having bad feelings can damage our life and good one create a miracle. Sometimes I wonder there should be a class of gratitude in every school or university. Probably it’s the more essential subject like any other economics, science or maths. 

 It’s really important to focus your mind on the right thing, then I understand the power of Gratitude as it helps me to concentrate on good things I have, my talents, visions, love for the people around me and its important to embrace them all.

Whenever you feel grateful, you even get more and more of the things to be grateful for.

Remind yourself to be grateful throughout the day. Feel Grateful for the things in advance that you want. They will come to you. Opportunities, wisdom, Materialistic things source everything is there you just need to show some gratitude. 

 So I had witnessed Gratitude a lot of time and it’s a state of mind that should be constantly maintained and it is important for the great heart, fulfilment and successful life.


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