You might be very aware of the recent campaign #Blacklivesmatter running across the world because of George Floyd death. And the whole story behind this. But unfortunately, this turned out to be a vigorous protest in whole over the world. Let’s have a look

Curfew in New York

America boils over US death in police custody of George Floyd. On Monday, protesters gathered in New York City’s famous Times Square. The curfew has been announced in the city from 11 am to 5 am, as the crowd of protesters gathered.

Earlier, more than 50 officers of the intelligence service got serious injury in clashes during demonstrations outside the White House. Exhibitors looted in California, Philadelphia, and Boston. There is also news of a demonstrator was kill by police in Lewisville. According to media reports, protesters broke into New York City and vandalized several of the channel’s stores. Then looted the goods from there.

The Vice President words, “This pain can be reduce.”

Before reaching Times Square, protesters marched on the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges in New York. Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden visited a demonstration site on Sunday. Vice presidents words were “This pain can be reduce only by turning this anger into a cause”

Mural of George Floyd (
(A mural featuring George Floyd painted on the ruins of a bombed-out building in Idlib, Syria, went viral on social media as Syrian artists Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun said they painted the mural to show solidarity with U.S. protesters and “to call for peace and love.” Murals of Floyd also popped up in European cities like Berlin, Dublin, and Barcelona—where protesters marched to demand justice for Floyd and victims of racism and police brutality.( via Getty))

Violence in America continues, 17 thousand National Guard deployed amid threats from Donald Trump

The anger of the people protesting outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington suddenly erupted and the protesters attacked the policemen with empty bottles. 

During this time, protesters were also seen shouting slogans against the policemen. So there are protesters still outside the White House, while strong security arrangements have been made there.

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