A Brave NEw WOrld

Facing A Brave New World- After 2020

How many of you are still struggling to live a great life? Still looking for ways to make some money with your art. Or because your job doesn’t pay you much. And Want To Face A Brave New World. Though I believe greatness means different things to everyone. As a millennial, I can understand the pain where you have to think twice before entering a royal coffee house or investing in your side business, or even buying your dream car that you have been longing for. Why does it happen? How can we conquer it? 


In the new episode of Trending Diary Romay Cupido-  an award-winning Best Selling Author of nine books, a producer, international speaker. And an entrepreneur with her upcoming life storybook shared some great insights on how you can thrive in the new world. 

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, this prolific author. Romay has spent her adulthood living and growing as a person while in Europe, she had come to realize her dream. And put value to what was most important in her life, her values and family, this lady has never compromised in her life. So who can better teach us the art of living a rich and abundant life? And Help Us To FAce a Brave New World

Do Not Lose Hope   


Host(Priya Sachdeva)–  Romay there’s one thing that I generally see in young people. So whether you say that this is the era, where we are supposed to create opportunities, where we are not supposed to lose hope or anything, but considering the present scenario, especially after the post covid, there are people who are losing hope, so how can people stay motivated? 

How do you stay motivated?


Romay-  I understand, so much devastation has ripped through nations worldwide during this past year. But think about this. 

Throughout history, we have always had periods in a time where new innovation, for example, changed everything about human society, how they function and how we left.

But the reality is the only thing that is certain in life is change. So we need to adapt, we need to make use of trains ourselves to capture the idea of innovation, and create a positive view. Because that’s what I had to do. I reinvented my life by realizing the possibilities to combine things. For example, I have always loved talking to people, I use my experiences things that have dragged me down things that have pulled me up and I went to study, I went to learn I went to improve and advance myself to learn how can I do things better from the things that I already know how to do, and we all have something. 


So I became a self-made success by simply choosing the opportunities,  things I that already have, I just advanced them! 

And you can do it too. Face a Brave New World!

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