Convergence Equation: How To Create Good Content & Successful Startup

Have you ever heard a complete formula which teaches you how to create good content or even led a successful startup easily? 

If not, here is an introduction of Convergence Equation.

Though I know with first glance it sounds some typical mathematical Equation, But certainly, it’s not. 

In the very first episode of Trending Diary, the Podcast

Gerard ( producer and actor)  shared a complete algebraic equation which helps you to create great content (for social, movies, storytelling or for any medium)

However the equation goes like this: G((A+B)T) = Global Awarness ((Artistic +business pragmatism)Technology)

trending Diary The podcast

Convergence Equation:  G((A+B)T)

A = Artistic/creative pursuits endeavours,  creations, ideas, vision concepts etc

B = Business pragmatic approach this being Financial Services, capital raise, the mechanistic actions in project management, marketing, delivery dates, timeline and very important Risk evaluation. Etc

G = Global market place your entity in this environment. Where does it sit, how does it compare, what are it’s USP point of difference? And even how does it expand and contract based on how the market fluctuates.

T= The technology that is readily available to you right now. Everything from software to hardware systems, analytics, social media, etc

Collaborating Artistic, Business, Technical and Global aspects of any Idea or Innovation one can create good content and even lead a good business. 

Though within in the Conversation with Priya Sachdeva, Host of the Podcast. Gerard also mentioned that it’s really important to evolve innovation as a new trend in the new world. 

Also innovation in Startups, Movies, Content Creation can take you places. Innovation is the key, you can’t be a Copy Cat and expect big outcomes. Your creativity will take your place.

Even if you have some ideas on how to create good content or lead a good company. 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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