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COVID has disrupted the world unfathomably & India is not a single nation had a crisis mitigation plan, wish countries act now for a better sustainable world.

And put a crisis response strategy in place because this pandemic wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.

Pandemic, rising inequality & un-Fairness of the capitalist system seems to be igniting a global revolution making those deep cracks in our society more visible.

What could have been an opportunity for us all to come together & build a better world is being leveraged by some of the biggest companies. And national leaders as an opportunity only to fill their coffers.

Instead of standing in solidarity, reaching out to the most affected & helping during this pandemic, Electric utility companies such as Adani, Tata’s & others rained woes by sending inflated utility bills.

Hospitals such as Nanavati & others were caught making inflated bills, and private hospitals are fleecing people with COVID packages. Hospitals & COVID testing centers nefarious nexus has come to the fore.

And even chemist shops who claim they are out of stock for the COVID Drug Remdesivir are selling it un-officially ten* the actual rate.

The Economic Engine Run’s because of two basic rules, Production & Consumption.

Both have come to a halt because of the four-month lockdown, in this scenario.

Instead of helping the banking industry is giving a carrot in the form of loans to the already burdened MSMEs, Middle-Class Citizens.

It will take an entire page to explain how badly the Moratorium is tilted in favor of the banking industry.

Instead of help, we have got a joke in the name of The “Atmanirbhar Bharat Stimulus Package.”

For Context regarding my above statement on the stimulus package…..please read on.

News Website suggests Indian National Congress Scam amounts to Rs 48,20,69,00,00,000 in 70 years of its reign.

Just the Goa Mining Scam by the Incumbent Party BJP is estimated at 20 Billion USD.

You can see the BJP scam pointed by the opposition party here.

Our government taxes us for every little thing.

FY 2018-19, the Governments Gross Tax Collection was above 20 Lakh Crore.

Also when the time came for the Govt to give back the money which belonged to we,the people of this country.

Our Govt decided to play an April fools prank on us.

Let me present the facts- first, there is no 21 lakh crore stimulus package, it is just 1.5 lack crore or 80,000 crores from the Govt Cash Flow to be precise.

And NO of you will never see a single penny of that money, not you who is jobless impacted by covid, not you who has covid but no money for treatment, neither the low, middle class nor the Small, micro & medium enterprise who are living in constant uncertainty.

The Atmanirbhar Stimulus package is only for the banking Industry &big companies. What the rest of us are getting is money in the form of a loan or extension of credit.

I do not support any political party and stand for science, technology, creativity &human ingenuity.

if you like me are sick & tired of the current state of affairs than stop complaining.

.Do not expect divine intervention or our Government Servants to solve those problems.

Like the Great Mahatma Gandhi Said…..If you Desire CHANGE…..Then Be the Change

If you desire change, then be the change


It is a community that I am building of like-minded, change-makers, entrepreneurs, and disruptors for sustainable world.

Also are are passionate about leveraging the tool of human ingenuity & exponential technologies to bring much-needed transformation.

I also host a podcast titled “CHANGE I M POSSIBLE.”

Let’s build the revolution together!

Written By: Eddie Avil


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