Building Business relationships

Building Business Relationships That Last Long

Have you ever wondered what it takes for building business relationships that last long, add value to your life or how you can get a YES from your partner,  or an individual where there are chances of saying NO?  

In the new episode of Trending Diary,  Learn some life-saving and wonderful tips on Building Business Relationships from Lindsay Adams,  a relationship guy.  

Understanding- Why I don’t Understand You

Though the conversation is full of values and some practical tips. Here are some insights from the episode

There are basically three themes in any good business which Lindsay Mentioned…

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership & management
  • Referral training

.In his book “The DNA of Business Relationships, How to engage, expand and energise relationships.  In his book, Lindsay has even shared how you built your own house, by relationships.  How I built my house myself, with my 70-year-old apprentice.

Also according to Relationship Guy, a few things that you can do to set quick relationships with others are:- 

  1.  Listen more, talk less
  2. Focus on the other person 100%
  1. Open up the conversation by finding the Common Ground.  Try to find what you have in common with the other person that you can talk about.
  2. Ask clever questions, open-ended questions
  3. And yes, the 80/20 rule, get the other person talking 80% of the time

Also if you want to take these relations to longer terms some good things you can do…  

  •  A small act of Positive Service
  • Follow up with a handwritten note
  • Send an article
  • Send a copy of your book
  • Do whatever you said you would.

A handwritten note, you don’t see many of them anymore, that will surely make you stand out among the crowd.

Lindsay has shared some valuable wisdom with host Priya.  

Probably you won’t regret to invest some time to get some amazing tips and memorable stories that were valuable yet filled with a life lesson. 

Tune in!  

Also, if you want to know some great tips for Building business relationships, Comment Below!

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