Building your intuition

Build Your Intuition: A Life-Changing Story!

The new episode of trending diary covers a story of intuition, grit and powerful experience that are enough to change your life.

In the new episode listen to Anne who is a published author and spiritual mentor. She just recently ended a three-year nomadic journey, living solely based on her intuition. 

She teaches others how to embody their power and light. Her passion is in teaching others how to live an authentic, soul-aligned life.

Q-How following your Intuition has changed your life?

My intuition is something I’ve always had (as we all have intuition), but I never knew what it was or that I could trust it. In fact, I spent much of my life believing someone else had the answers. I was constantly going to others for guidance and advice. 

In 2016, while working with my first coach, he told me, “Anne you don’t trust others because you  don’t trust yourself.” I had never heard it that way before, but as I sat with it, I knew he was right. I didn’t trust myself and because of it, there were multiple times in my life I ignored and brushed off red flags. 

As my relationship was coming to a screeching halt at the end of 2016, I learned more and more into what my gut (my intuition) was telling me. In February 2017, I received the intuitive nudge, “Sell everything and travel.” Beyond all logic, I decided to follow the nudge. 

In July 2017, I left Chicago and ventured out onto the road. First, I was in small-town Mississippi for 8 months as my life and business hit rock bottom. Even though from the outside looking in my life appeared to be falling apart, I knew I was on the right path. I could feel it. There was no external proof to show me I had made the right choice. All I had was a feeling.

I continued on, trusting what I felt above what I could see. I began to learn that in the spiritual world, things are felt and experienced on an energetic level before they are seen in the physical world.

Though I used that knowledge as I left Mississippi and ventured out on the road full-time, staying primarily in Airbnbs.

However, very quickly began to develop a system for knowing when a place had chosen me. As much as I wanted to choose where I went (my former control freak patterns were constantly being challenged).

I was forced over and over again to surrender and trust that God and my higher self were guiding me at all times.

I did not choose the places; the places always chose me. 

I first paid attention to how my body felt. I noticed which places felt like they were pulling me in. When I felt naturally drawn to a place (even if I didn’t know why).

I pulled out an atlas that had been given by a family member and my pendulum to double-check. It was a way of me deepening my trust. Every time I noticed myself feeling energetically drawn to a place and it checked out with the atlas and pendulum, only trusted myself and my intuition more and more.

From there, I went to the Airbnb website and looked at places in the general area I had been pulled to. I noticed the same draw to certain pictures and places, which informed which places I booked.

Align With The Authentic Self

After doing that for almost a year, I began to use the same practice in dating (on dating apps). I paid less attention to the profile itself and paid more attention to the energy of the man or the energy behind his words.

Through the practice, I became so in tune with the energy in my body and whether I was feeling pulled in or receiving a red flag (which usually resulted in a clenching in my gut or feeling my heart closed off).

I’ve been able to tell almost immediately if there is a natural connection with a man. 

I’ve used the same practice in my business, as well. Through working with coaches on and off over the last few years.

Just began to pay attention to when I felt a strong, “No!” in my body when I was being asked to do something that didn’t align with my authentic self. 

I have now cultivated such a deep connection to myself, my higher power. And the best is an unshakable trust in myself that regardless of what the external world shows me.

I know who I am, why I’m here, and what my purpose on this planet is. 

That has created a level of confidence I never knew was possible. For so many years, I had what I call “surface level confidence”. I appeared to be confident, but deep down, without trusting myself my confidence could only go so far—-it was conditional.

And now I live an unconditional life. I embody unconditional love, confidence, and faith that regardless of what I’m shown. I am always exactly where I am meant to be. 


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